What GTD/TODO plugin or template are you using?

Currently, I think there are two types of TODO list:

(I’m using both, but I hope I can unify the GTD experience in my wiki)

And when talking about GTD, the data struct will be way more complex. So I’m curious how do you organize your GTD system and to-do list in your wiki? Are you using some plugin or have a template for this?


While I don’t currently use it, there is also Projectify — Manage projects in TiddlyWiki. Might be more than you are looking for.


http://gsd5.tiddlyspot.com/ is abandoned, but I’m using it anyway on a private Tiddlyhost site and it works pretty well for GTD.

Looking now I can see the underlying TW version is 5.1.9. I didn’t try upgrading it, so that might be a blocker depending on how well it runs in the latest version ofTW.

You need to follow the guide at Using a 5.1.23 or earlier version of TiddlyWiki · simonbaird/tiddlyhost Wiki · GitHub to make it work on Tiddlyhost.

I’ve also admired Projectify — Manage projects in TiddlyWiki. but never used it. I’m not sure if it’s based on GTD specifically, but it seems like you could use it that way. Unfortunately it’s also no longer maintained IIUC.


I primarily use projectify with modifications to suit eg + streams, but I have a few custom built to do and project management wikis that I have built myself. In different wikis I use a different tool depending on the complexity. A basic todo item is useful just for activity in each wiki including planned improvements.

GTD and Todo are after all just lists and TiddlyWiki can seriously do lists.

Add also Interstitial Journaling available in kookma/TW-Todolist

I myself use Tiny ToDoList for one line todos like those programmer uses in their source codes (fixme, todo, …)
I also use Task manager (the one created by aggregating individual tiddlers when I have a task which is a job and has description, references, links, … so it is a micro-content itself!

I just installed Sticky Todo Plugin - Initial Release and it works great.

For larger Projects, it would be great to have a combination of projektify with a Kanban like




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I have found Checklist plug in to be the best for handling daily todos

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I see Projectify 's github repo is public archived, but I think I can learn very much from it, I’m going to use the “due calendar” and “check toolbar button” from it. It will fit well with the DynamicTable method.

Thanks to the MIT License of @NicolasPetton , I can pick the component I need to build mine :laughing:

I think I can learn code of projectify, and extract its calendar widget and done widget, make them separate small plugins…These widget that edits field can use the latest cascade viewtemplate feature.


That is a sad news! I also checked and learned both Notebook theme and Projectify were archived!

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I have a table with two columns, each transcluding a tiddler.

One tiddler has the days of the week and ‘Soon’ as categories, and there are list widgets for each. The other has my main areas of work and life as categories, with list widgets for each. I try to schedule the urgent and important stuff, and leave the other column for things that I can do when I have time. Soon is for things for appointments for the next few weeks so I have a place to put those so I don’t forget. I also have Jan-Dec tags and check those before the end of the month. Keeping it simple.

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I’m currently using Google Calendar for journal, and I had a plugin to import google calendar (which is under refactor to typescript and adding feature…).

For inline todo, do you mean something like Sticky Todo Plugin - Initial Release ?

What does mean? And in this part, I think you are describing your DynamicTable right?

This is a great one! by the way I use Tiny Todolist in Mehregan edition with Thinkup plugin!

Yes! Here I mean a tiddler which has other small stuffs linked to it!
This kind of todo is a Task and I use an individual tiddler for it and I call it Task Tiddler: It has longer description (e.g. in text field) other fields like due-date, priority, … links to other tiddlers,…
It may be backlinked from other tiddlers so those nodes are relevant to this task!

In summary: a short few words todo is good for Tiny Todolist like today shopping list
A detailed task with some explanations, links, other data is good for Task Manager (the one uses dynamic tables)

@linonetwo - just to clarify; You seem to ask about todo lists in general but also bring up GTD. But GTD refers to a very specific workflow and philosophy so it is much broader than todo lists.

I see a lot of “GTD” projects that are mostly prioritised todo lists. But priorities aren’t part of GTD!

In GTD what matters is context. And TW is great for context. So you can tag your todos with @2min for short jobs, @errand for jobs to do on the road, @phone for things that require a phone, @am for things that require your morning brain, etc.

I currently use a system of templates for each major tag of Todo, TodoDone, TodoLater. I can drag and drop items inside the list for pseudo-priorities. Items in TodoLater are dated in the caption field and sorted accordingly so I’m reminded at the start of a month of upcoming birthdays, etc. I have checkboxes to help move items back and forth between Todo, TodoDone, and TodoLater as needed (since many tasks get re-used almost daily).


I think you could also look at @EricShulman’s Tiddlytools/Time plugin, which is more actively developed.

I tried for the purpose of todolists/project management the plugins Projectify and kookmas Todolist plugin. I think they are nice, but for me they lack in one important thing: SPEED!

For me a ToDo-List in general has two requirements:

  • Get things fast out of my head. Example: I’m in a meeting and someone mentions something I have to do. This should be written down as fast as possible so I can still follow the meeting, but it should also be done in a “structured” way so I can find it later. This is done good by Projectify and Todolist Plugin!
  • Get an initial structure of the task in a fast way. If I write down a task, it nearly has everytime multiple sub-tasks and sub-subtasks. As ideas floating in while I’m writing down the task, I want the subtasks fast written down but also in a structured way. It’s a first brainstorming of the task. This is where Projectify and Todolist Plugin are lacking. In Projectify it’s to complicated to create subtasks and sub-subtasks. In Todolist Plugin you can’t even create subtasks.

Therefore right now, I’m using streams. For me it has the followings advantages:

  • fast (you can only use keyboard shortcuts!) but you still get a structure/hirarchy with subtasks and sub-subtasks
  • very intuitive and flexible as you can drag-and-drop the nodes around
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How do you use streams for making checklists? Can you share how you do it?

I don’t use checklists with streams. I just delete them if I “checked” them, but maybe @TW_Tones uses checklists?

I use a tri-state “task” button and a very basic kanban system, it fits my needs well.

My workflow :

Create a tiddler (if needed) with alt+N, set a name.

Then click on the task button (while editing or after) :

The task button becomes red and display the “todo” icon. I can also do this while in view mode, that way it’s easy for me to change the state of a task/tiddler.

The three states are : todo, doing, done.

(technically there are four, the fourth being “unset”)

If I want to display my task in a Kanban, all I need to do is to tag my tasks with a topic (coding for example), then on the tiddler coding I add the tag kt :

I can drag and drop the tasks in the kanban and change their order as I progress on my tasks.

I can also click on “To do” to create a new task.

One thing that I need to improve is the drop zone, when the kanban is empty it’s easy to miss…

I used to set deadlines with projectify but I prefer to use google calendar, that way I can access my planning with my phone too.


Logically simple to learn, very handy and quick!

Well done @telumire

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