What does slowdown Tiddlywiki? Performance Tips

Performance Challenge

  1. drag and drop Bulk Tiddler Maker.json (612 Bytes) into https://tiddlywiki.com/
  2. open Bulk Tiddler Maker and create 2500 tiddlers or more!
    2.1. You can experiment here and create larger number of tiddlers
  3. Try to open the Recent Tab, do you sense any slowdown?
  4. Close Bulk Tiddler Maker tiddler and close Recent Tab, how is everything now? Is your Tiddlywiki is fast again!

Share Your Tips

  • What do you do to have a very quick and responsive Tiddlywiki?

Performance Tips

See Performance tips on TiddlyWiki — a non-linear personal web notebook


Originally I created this for Advanced Search in Fields, see Advanced Search in Fields Plugin: New Updates - Plugins - Talk TW (tiddlywiki.org)

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With the above test! I believe Tiddlywiki is really fast! Don’t think you?

I do think it’s fast. Somewhere around 5.1.23 > 5.2.x, TiddlyWiki made a huge leap forward in terms of speed.

My DOs and DONTs

  1. Do close the Recent tab after using it. I usually leave it resting at Open.

  2. Do close the Advanced Search tabs if they contain long lists of results.

  3. Don’t keep any long $list results open any longer than they are truly needed.

  4. Do use $eventcatcher to capture clicks in long $lists of links/buttons.

  5. Do use the Fold button on lengthy tiddlers that you need open but are not being used at the moment.