Utility Plugin Update 2.2.0 - 2.6.1


  • This update does not work in TW5.2.0 and older nor in TW5.2.3p. For TW5.2.3+ wait to have TiddlyWiki official release of 5.2.3
  • This update best works in Tiddlywiki 5.2.2 the current stable release (July 21st, 2022)

What is Utility plugin?

The utility plugin objective is to provide set of tools for authors. These tools includes simple transclusions, show raw contents of tiddlers, reader mode, wikitext macros, show fields in view mode, linkify, code, docit, and much more!

Utility enables authors to have a lot of controls on UI elements!


Demo and Code

Release Note

  • July 20th, 2022
  • [NEW] Update to Tiddlywiki 5.2.2
  • [NEW] Reader mode, new shortcuts: ctrl-shift-Slash
  • [NEW] Customize UI, new shortcuts: ctrl-shift-Period
  • [NEW] Tiddlers tagged with$:/tags/Stylesheet use Cascades to show contents as CSS code block and not wikified. This is useful for dynamic stylesheets
  • [NEW] Reveal code at button the bottom of all tiddlers. When show content is on, the button is not displayed
  • [FIXED] The viewtemplate namespace was renamed to viewtemplates
  • [FIXED] The macro namespace was renamed to macros
  • [FIXED] Minor issue in page control button when is minified using Uglify plugin
  • [FIXED] The show fields button now displays fields before tiddler body, so it does not overlap with other plugins like Thinkup
  • [FIXED] Author tools and modal have been removed


  • Jeremy Ruston
  • Ton Gerner
  • Mark s
  • BTC
  • Mat
  • Anthony Muscio
  • Damon Pritchett
  • Eshka
  • Saq Imtiaz
  • Telumire


  1. Utility Plugin: A Partial Update - Plugins - Talk TW (tiddlywiki.org)


The Utility Reader Mode just got simpler.

  1. open Utility 2.2.0 — utility kit for authors and developers (kookma.github.io)
  2. Press shortcuts ctrl+shift+slash
  3. It goes to Reader mode

Reader mode means to remove clutter from the UI. In other words to turn off all UI elements related to editing (e.g new tiddler, edit tiddler, delete tiddler, new journal, …) or not required for one who visits the page (wiki) or a reader.


In Reader mode

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The Utility Show/Hide Individual UI elements just got simpler.

  1. open Utility 2.2.0 — utility kit for authors and developers (kookma.github.io)
  2. Press shortcuts ctrl+shift+period
  3. It goes to Show/Hide Individual UI elements


The Utility Show/Hide Individual UI elements just got simpler.

  1. open Utility 2.2.0 — utility kit for authors and developers (kookma.github.io)
  2. Open a tiddler
  3. Click on the dimmed Code button at the tiddler right bottom to see the raw wikitext
  4. You can copy the wikitext using the copy to clipboard button


NOTE You can turn off the Code button from Utility Settings.

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The Utility show-macro lets to list all macros in a desired scope.

  1. open Utility 2.2.0 — utility kit for authors and developers (kookma.github.io)
  2. Create a new tiddler
  3. in the text field enter: <<show-macro "$:/core/macros/list">>
  4. Look at the output. This lists all macros in ‘’$:/core/macros/list’’


The Utility show fields in view mode lets to manipulate .

  1. open Utility 2.2.0 — utility kit for authors and developers (kookma.github.io)
  2. open any tiddler
  3. click on show-fields from page control
  4. see fields in view
  5. click again on show-fields from page control to hide fields



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Looks good, @Mohammad

Couple of questions:

  1. Can I change the keyboard shortcuts?

  2. Are there alternate ways to access functionality without the shortcuts?

For sure! This is like other shortcuts! Just open $:/ControlPanel → Keyboard Shortcuts
and then assign new shortcuts you like!

In the current design:

  • You can open Customize Ui from Sidebar → More → Utility → Show/hide selected UI elements
  • For switch reader mode! You need to hack! You can create a tiddler use a $button and use the actions in switch-reader tiddler.

Mohammad, thanks for this update!

The “show fields” button is probably the most clicked button on several of my projects; I do want fields showing for some tasks, but I prefer them hidden for others. Perhaps I’m not alone in this…

Could there be a keyboard shortcut attached to the show fields button?


I add this to improvement! It is possible

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Utility plugin got an update to work with TW 5.2.3

Important Note

  1. Always create backups before updating
  2. Update Utility (this version does not work with TW 5.2.2 and older version)
  3. Open $:/ControlPanel → Plugins → Utility → Contents
  4. Delete any shadow tiddler if that has been overwritten

Demo and Code

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Utility 2.3.1 has ctrl-slash for this as shortcuts. You well know how to change shortcuts and customize them for yourself. ($:/ControlPanel → Keyboard Shortcuts)


Somehow that keyboard shortcut is not working – and not appearing in the list of shortcuts at $:/ControlPanel – for me. I do see how it is supposed to work, at your plugin site.

Here’s my 5.2.3 “quick-demo” site with nothing other than a few plugins (incuding Utility 2.3.1) , which mysteriously does not seem to include your new keyboard shortcut:


I’m sorry to tug on you for trouble-shooting! This is certainly not urgent, but perhaps something useful to others will emerge in the course of discovering the cause.


Would you please install 2.3.1 by drag and drop from demo site? (Please also delete the current installed plugin before drag and drop).

Edit: There was an issue in kookma plugin library. I will fix it by tomorrow.

Yes, the new feature(s) of the Utility 2.3.1 plugin do work when I install it by drag-and-drop. (I had intalled 2.3.1 via the kookma library.)


The library now works as expected.

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Utility plugin got a new update.

Release 2.4.0

  • Nov 10th, 2022
  • [NEW] Option to center storyriver when sidebar is closed
  • [FIXED] bug fixes in simple navigation macro
  • [FIXED] docs improved

Demo and Code



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Utility Plugin got a new update

Release 2.6.1

  • Mar 8th, 2023
  • [NEW] The .lorem macro supports number of words
  • [NEW] The wikitext-macro supports embeded macro (macro embeded in host tiddler).
  • [NEW] The wikitext-macro name has been changed. This is not backward compatible.
  • [FIXED] Space in page control button (view-fields)
  • [FIXED] The snippets for wikitext-example modified and corresponding tiddlers were renamed
  • [FIXED] The wikitext-macro supports dark palettes
  • [FIXED] The reveal-code does not show duplicate code for tiddlers has code-body field set to yes.

WARNING The wikitext-example and wikitext-example-without-html macros are not backward compatible. See examples and details before upgrading!

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