Uploader for local file system

It’s useful! Local file path storage method is needed when using a single html file offline

Hi @oflg. I’ve taken the liberty of moving your post to a new topic as I believe this is an area that would benefit from proper discussion.

If I understand it correctly, you would like to have an uploader module for the FileUploads plugin that can be used with a single file TiddlyWiki and which saves files to the local file system.

The tricky part of course is that web browsers do not give us access to the local file system, which is why so many different saving mechanisms exist. Which saving mechanism for local files are you using? TiddlyDesktop? Timimi? Something else?

Personally I haven’t had much opportunity to work with local file system saving and am unsure if we can create an uploader module that works for most such saving solutions, or if it would need to be specific to each saving configuration. Hopefully others better read up on this area will chime in.

Do we have any statistics on which local file saving solutions are the most widely used?

One interesting option for working with a local file system for single file TiddlyWiki that I have recently been exploring is to use WebDAV. There are some very lightweight and convenient solutions described for using WebDAV towards the end of this thread:

What is interesting with WebDAV is that if you use it for saving your wiki, it is very easy to write an uploader module for the FileUploads plugin to save your file using WebDAV as well.

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Chrome’s local file system access could do this, but I really hate single browser solutions.

A Saver using this method would probably be great. I’m using a LogSeq instance that does this. But that’s a bigger job than “just” a file uploader using this method.

I use Timimi. It can use local files easily.

There is an implementation for this at GitHub - slaymaker1907/TW5-browser-nativesaver. The related GG discussion can be found at https://groups.google.com/g/tiddlywiki/c/IczqdIdC3lE/m/TZcAAxcUAQAJ

There’s the 365 days user stats from FireFox for the file-backups plugin. The max daily usage spikes did go up to 731. …

Since COVID the max has been going down about 150. … So I expect, there are about 1000+ installations, where about 2/3 is used on a regular basis.

The spikes are usually mid-week and at the week-end it goes down about 200

It seems Timimi timimi – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US) has a similar user base with FF and it shows about 2000 users at the chrome-store: timimi - Chrome Web Store

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I have been using timimi, with it’s “Tower of Hanoi” backup option on Firefox saving locally to Google Drive syncing on the cloud, for several years now; no issues at all.