[tw5] Tiddlywiki default sidebar searchbar -> dropdown close on click?

HI! I am CTO Abid Maqbool from Maqbool Solutions (SMC-Pvt) Ltd. an IT Company and Computer Software House!

I am using Tiddlywiki from long time ago. And I love Tiddlywiki for my personal and professional notes taking app.

Recently I am trying to do some development on tiddlywiki, to do some little modification to achive custom needs.

I search a lot but can’t find my first experence on codding e.g. how to close searchbard → dropdown when mouse click on it?

Tiddlywiki version: 5.3.1
Theme: Vanilla Basic theme Main tiddler: $:/core/ui/SideBarSegments/search

I wan to hide dropdown when click on filtered item after specific tiddler opened!

Hello Abid!

I see you haven’t gotten a response here. I suggest you post your question at the official community discourse forum, at:


I think if you post there, you’re more likely to get a prompt response from people who understand the triggers for the dropdown closing action.

Best regards!


Aha, Over at the official discourse forum for the community, I see this question was posted and answered:

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