[tw5] Suggestions to use TW for Weight-Loss

Just as the title says, I am looking for a way or an extension to use TW to help me lose weight.


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Hello Valdus!

You’ll find much more active discussion over at the discourse forum, which is the current official community discussion location.

Although there’s no thread specifically on weight loss, there are folks who have discussed working with TiddlyWiki for medical information tracking, and habit tracking:

If those threads don’t give you a good starting-point, you can certainly post your questions there, with better likelihood of getting responses.


I used carbocommander to track calories, carbs, fiber: https://carbocommander.tiddlyhost.com/
But you might be looking for something more intensive.
As mentioned above, you’ll get more responses at talk.tiddlywiki.org .

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I’m making a “health journal” : Health Journal — Taking care of yourself one day at a time (tiddlyhost.com)

You can track your weight with it and it will display a small svg graph showing your progress. There is also a BMI calculator and other kind of calculators. For now I put the dev on hold, but it’s usable