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My being a perfectionist has delayed the release of TW5-Node-RED, but will never be perfect - so here we go.

The current lastest and greatest can be installed by copy and pasting this script …

mkdir tnr-mws-test
cd tnr-mws-test

git clone --branch multi-wiki-startup
cd ./TiddlyWiki5
npm install

cd ..

git clone --branch mws-interface
cd tw5-node-red-beta
npm install
npm start

This release installs TW5-Node-RED with the production TiddlyWiki (v5.3.3) along with the most recent multi-wiki-support branch which allows testing the upcoming TW MWS SQLite database.

The install is self-contained in the ‘tnr-mws-test’ directory - so can remove that directory and all goes away.

Before install might want to view the videos to see if you are interested.

Node-RED Flow editor

TW5-Node-RED developer overview

More videos will be published to assist in developing server driven TiddlyWikis using Node-RED.


Oh this looks fantastic. Diving into it later this afternoon.