[tw5] How do I change the color of headings in TW5

I am using TW5.

The default heading style doesn’t stand out (same colour as normal text) unlike in TiddlyWiki Classic where it was a helpfully striking blue.

I want to change the colour of all headings throughout my wiki. I’ve looked around the internet for this and it’s clear there isn’t a simple setting and I need to do something with stylesheets. However, not being particularly techie, I’m struggling to undrestnd what I actually specifically need to do to change this throughout my wiki automatically whenever I use the ! or !! markers to create a heading.

Grateful for any guidance. Apols in advance if this has been explained somewhere I wasn’t able to find it.



apologies all, I’ve just found a really helpful thread in talk.tiddlywiki (which I didn’t know about) which explains this.

(for anyone else with the same question - Need help with use of stylesheet)

solved my problem.

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Hello. If you sign up (for free) and use https://talk.tiddlywiki.org you will have many more people available to help you. Enjoy!