[tw5] BASIC Dialects Matrix TiddlyWiki


Latest update (very early in the architecture/design phase):

  • initial setup of the matrix with just a few items to guide the look and feel of the thing
  • initial setup of data entry form to enter details about a new BASIC dialect being added
    • I already had the “Add BASIC Dialect” button setup and first data entry form to set the name of the BASIC Dialect (used as tiddler title)
      4 Screenshots:

The main interface (The “BASIC Dialects Matrix” tiddler):

The “Add BASIC Dialect” tiddler contained in a modal window (2 images):

The “BASIC Dialect Form” tiddler contained in a modal window:

Matrix is working.

Next: filters and widgets to toggle visibility of columns/rows.

Now, the matrix starts with no BASIC dialect showing. What BASIC dialects are shown in the Matrix depends on the (new feature) BASIC dialects a viewer chooses.


Update: an now, one can select groups of BASIC dialects that fall into a “Classification”. This is a good template for setting up additional ways of choosing multiple BASIC dialects by groups. For example: select for the matrix all BASIC dialects that support line numbers, or GOTO, or all BASIC implementations that are compatible with GW-BASIC.

One of the great things I’m showcasing here about TiddlyWiki: Rapid Application Development of GUI and “database”, and rapid deployment (one file upload to a website.) It is good stuff.

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And now, the template/framework for choosing what attributes (i.e. the rows) we want visible.

Rock’n roll.

Update: Early prototyping of data-entry forms, hopefully fairly user-friendly.

Click on something, and it opens up a related form in view mode. To put the form in edit mode, click the edit button.

Simple forms setup for:

  • viewing/editing a BASIC Dialect
  • viewing/editing a BASIC Category
    4 Screenshots:



Added “Toggle All” buttons to “Choose BASIC Dialects” and to “Choose BASIC Dialects via Categories.”

Next: add same thing to “Choose Attributes to Compare.”

Currently, filtering is applying “OR” to all the filters. I’m thinking about how to setup the ability to toggle between “OR” and “AND”.


Okay, “Toggle All” button added to Categories section (the only section right now, more TBD) of “Choose Attributes to Compare”.


I had “distraction-free viewing” of the matrix in mind. Being able to view the matrix in a new window is also better for printing.

Seeing as I want some buttons for that and, eventually, buttons for other things, I need a place to put them. That top-left cell (first row, first column), seems like a good spot.


Oops, premature post. Second screenshot:


“Export Tiddler” button setup for both forms. It was a little bit tricky to setup because the forms (“BASIC Dialect Form”, and “BASIC Category Form”) are displayed as modals, and the export button wasn’t showing the image.

Both forms required a copy and paste of the following macro for the export button image to show in the modals:

\define tv-config-toolbar-icons() yes

I need that export tiddler button so that content contributors have a user-friendly quick’n easy way to export new content to the TiddlyWiki I’m administering.

Hi Charlie,

Is there any way to add the tag field and field editor also into the modal


G’day Arun,

I’d be doing that by adding my own custom widgets in the forms. So I’m setting things up with a custom interface so that, eventually, somebody can work with that specific TiddlyWiki without ever entering the native TiddlyWiki interface, unless he/she really wants to.

Adding to the forms the ability to manage tags for a tiddler and edit individual fields in a tiddler, that’s not on my radar at the moment.

For now, tags and fields is something I’m avoiding until it is something needed for content contributors. Not something I need for me, yet anyway.

– Charlie


As per this other post, I added a couple of tiddlers with simple word clouds.

With “structured content” in mind, I’ve added two fields to the BASIC Dialects Form: “Primary Website” and “Caution” fields.

Primary website is just a plain field meant to paste in a URL. Nothing particularly special there.

“Caution” field I added as a heads-up to viewers looking at a particular BASIC dialect. If I’m going to find something concerning about any product, I want a place where I can enter that info, and I also want it to be “grab-by-the-jugular” noticeable when there’s something entered there. AND, I’m planning the ground work for editing many long-text fields with just the one edit text widget. To save space, but also to avoid duplicating the same GUI elements for every tiddler field.

Something like that.

Four screenshots:

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Just a little update about some ongoing redesign/refine work.

Amount of checkboxes and length/volume of label text was too much. So I’m organizing the large number of check boxes into check box groupings. That takes more real estate, but I find the individual groups so much easier to visually/cognitively process.

Two screenshots.

Before start of redesign:

After some redesign:

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Hi Charlie,

I started testing out your modal approach in the budget wiki I am making.

I have few doubts.

  1. The fish button of the tKwm and fLx template is not seen in my wiki. Did I miss adding any related tiddlers?
  2. I have added few buttons to open your modal windows in my budget table. Now I am trying to add the fields into the second of those modal windows - don’t know whether it will work out.
  3. I want to use the tKwm template for the tiddler titles in my budget table. This tiddler is responsible for the tiddler titles in budget table in think. Can you suggest how to modify the content of that tiddler so that the tKwm template is applied to the tiddler titles and when the tiddler title is clicked, it opens in a modal window.


First, the little fish right away.

If you hide the sidebar, then show it, you should see the fishy links.

If that’s working fine, then you are probably missing the “Startup Actions” tiddler. Copy that over, save your TiddlyWiki, then close it and open it again.

Do take a look at that Startup Actions tiddler. Adjust that tiddler accordingly if you want the sidebar to show on startup.

The fishy links are setup in my TiddlyWiki as links that only appear in “Author Mode”, but disappear in “Reader Mode”. To keep things simple, hiding the sidebar is “Reader Mode”, and showing the sidebar is “Author Mode”.

If you want the fishy links to always be visible, then adjust the templates accordingly.

Now, I’m checking out your TiddlyWiki so that I can help you out with #3.

Okay, I just looked at your TiddlyWiki, and it has a lot of things going on that aren’t compatible with my hide/show fishy link based on sidebar visibility.

You’ll have to adapt my fishy-link-related workings to fit the plugins you’ve installed.

Once you have that working, you have to modify the following tiddler the way I did, except, with the fishy link template.

What I’ve done shows using the tKwm template, which will open the budget tiddler in a modal.

3 screenshots:

Tiddler that needs changing, before my change:

Tiddler that needs changing, with my change:

Screenshot 2022-05-06 5.26.30 PM.png

The result:

Regarding the modal for tiddler titles in the tables, Thank you Charlie for the help. That was awesome.

Regarding the fish button, I will have to modify the template to keep it always on.

Continue your good work. Will be keeping an eye on your progress.


And your TiddlyWiki is quite a beautiful piece of work.

Thanks for sharing! Very much worth sharing that and your progress in a dedicated thread to make sure other folk see it. The thing has a serious wow factor going on.