TW Dungeon-Builder

some time ago inspired by Jed’s Zorklike Dungeon I made a scratch to allow building dungeons quite fast and easy. It is not fully developped yet (for example it is missing keyboard-navigation) but it is a nice start, and it is not listed in the toolmap yet.

Best wishes Jan


Nice work! I will be collecting WT Gaming resources here soon into a community wiki. On the List!

Hi all,
I wanted to change the mechanism to make it easier to exchange maps and stories, I have made a new version which now uses dicitonary-tiddlers to store the maps.

It is all still rough ans needs more work and I won’t have the time to finish it in the next month. But before you use the old version, take a look at the new one.

Dungeon-masters to continue the work and forks are welcome!


I added a second plugin for textadventures to:

Still in testmode but you can see the possibilities.
As said above

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That is impressive. I am glad that the game I made is inspiring something interesting, I had forgotten about it completely.

Thanks for this thread.

I have not used TW as a dungeon builder properly, but I’ve been using TW recently to build a TTRPG reference for the excellent Ironsworn and the upcoming Starforged. You can see some screenshots below and links of our wiki at 502Lab Wiki page.

The other think I have been writing is an importer that allows to take Starforged oracles open data and migrate it to TW’s JSON. It works as an interactive notebook (see below), given us a network view of any TW site and allowing automatize some tasks with and “incidental query language” (that’s because I’m using Pharo / Glamorous Toolkit, and once you have modeled something there, you get the advantages of their collections, including querying). You can see more about such tool in the RoloLudo source code repository.

At some point I imagine asking the oracles inside TW and linking our wiki with a (Telegram) chatbot, to support our remote playing. The project is evolving slowly.

BTW, I plan to make a more formal introduction of myself and the projects I’m doing and if some seasoned forum inhabitant can point me to the proper place in this forum for that I would greatly appreciate it. But for the moment I’m trying to see the place where I can go from lurking to participation, and this post seemed as a good starting place.


Hi @Offray
wow, there’s a big heap of work and an entire universe in your thread.

Obviously (in the middle of the second image) you also use echarts, for visualisation (or is it TiddlyMap?) and I am very interested in that.
Can you post a permalink to the place where you open that map?

@joshuafontany had the idea gathering game-resources and game-related activities in TW,
perhaps that could be a startingpoint.

Best wishes Jan

Hi @JanJo . All the second screenshot, including the middle pane is done using Glamorous Toolkit (GT), as it includes tools for data storytelling and visualization and is my preferred computing environment. GT is based on Pharo, a Smalltalk inspired modern computer environment.

I have made a more detailed post about such technologies and what we are doing at TiddlyWikiPharo and critical code/data literacy curriculum.

Thanks for your words and interest.