TiddlyWiki XP by Keaton Lao

TiddlyWiki XP is equipped with some necessary plugins on the official Empty Edition , so that novices can quickly experience the charm of TiddlyWiki.

Note that Chrome does a decent job of translating the wiki.


  • interface concise. Keeping it simple, it doesn’t add a superfluous top menu bar (Menu Bar), allowing you to focus on content and writing.
  • efficient edit the article. The CodeMirror editor is used by default , which implements automatic completion of parentheses, display of line numbers, and highlighting of the current line.
  • fast Manage open entries. LeftOpenTab moves the open tab to the left, making it easier to switch between items and close items.
  • card Centered. LeftOpenTab makes the card display in the center, which is in line with the reading habits of most people.
  • easy getting Started. It only lists the common WikiText syntax , to lighten the burden for newbies and get started writing faster.
  • at night theme/eye care theme. Click the page control button provided by Theme Changer theme changer Quickly switch themes.
  • Rich function. Read through the beginner tutorials here in turn.


Source code


This is amazing!
The quick toolbar at the bottom is lovely!
The aggregation shortcuts, the checklist, … all are designed in a very smart way!

Thank you


This edition is very good for beginners. I’m also considering packaging some tutorials as a plugin into my edition, so new users can immediately know what he/she can do.

TiddlyWiki xp in its recent update has added great features and improved its previously added tools. Some of them are

  1. sidebar note
  2. sidebar GTD
  3. tag editor in view mode
  4. map
  5. live view
  6. number of chars in body/title in edit mode
  7. bottom bar for quick access
  8. a button in edit mode to maximize the editor (occupy the whole width…)
  9. a daily note
  10. a diary

It is a great resource for learning!

It provides a link to download an empty.html

I like its A beginer’s guide and its nice start point.


Also don’t forget to star it in GitHub GitHub - keatonlao/tiddlywiki-xp: 一份 TiddlyWiki 使用教程。


TiddlyWiki xp is pretty stunning, I’m very impressed. It aggregates the best third party addons for TiddlyWiki and adds some very powerful extensions of its own.

I recommend exploring the left hand menu items. The plugin recommendations particularly caught my eye:

The filter builder is interesting too. As far as I can tell, it is made by the author of TiddlyWiki xp:


Yes, Keaton Lao has created many plug ins for this XP edition which can be seen under the plug in tab. In addition to filter builder, there is also ‘query’ tab in the advanced search → $:/QUERY

I have no idea what XP means here.

Am i missing something?.

It should stand for TiddlyWiki Experiment ?

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According to About XP (via Google Translate) it means Experience in that this edition has a lot of tools and customizations set up to quickly and easily allow a new user to experience a fully-functioning program with a lot of options right out-of-the-box.

It looks like this is Keaton’s version of what @TW_Tones is thinking about with A Standard Edition that can be an easier intro to TW


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Hello, your wiki looks very interesting. Is the language Mandarin? Because Google Translate cannot translate all of it.

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