TiddlyWiki v5.2.3 Release

I’m delighted to announce the release of TiddlyWiki v5.2.3 at:


There are over 60 improvements and fixes in this release. Some highlights:

  • Improved support for screen readers and other assistive technology
  • Improved display of stylesheet tiddlers
  • Checkbox widget improved with support for the indeterminate state and the ability to bind to a list field
  • New “insertafter” operator to match the existing “insertbefore” operator
  • More hackable rendering of tiddler subtitles
  • Added support for macro definitions that are scoped to the view template body
  • Improved palette support for dark mode
  • KaTeX updated to v0.16

See the release note for the full list of changes.

You can upgrade your existing single file wikis here:


For Node.js users, the new version is available on npm:


As ever, exercise caution when upgrading, and be careful to keep backup copies of everything important.

My sincere thanks to everyone who has contributed to this release. It’s only a little over four months since the last release, and yet we’ve built up a compelling set of improvements.

The plan is that the next release will be v5.3.0 in the light of some significant improvements to transclusion that are under development here:


Any questions or comments are welcome here, or via GitHub.


Well done with 5.2.3.

Unlike the previous release I jumped on it mostly because I noticed at the right time, wrote something and immediately noticed the message about starting to save (before the usual saved). I use DAV so this could be useful somewhere with challenging connectivity.

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I think it would be helpful to have a link to the Upgrading tiddler at the top of in the TiddlyWiki tab of the Releases tiddler, before the vertical tabs.