5.2.3 Tags Issue

@jeremyruston So far so good except…

It seems .tc-tag-label has gained white-space:break-spaces – was this intentional? I’m reusing tag pills and this is how they render now:


Whereas disabling the white-space property…


If the change is required, it’s no biggie really… I can easily rework them.

This was intentional. I did implement it and I did test all tag pills at tiddlywiki.com. It seemed to have no side effects. …

Can you provide some more info, how you did create your tag pills.

Here was the PR: https://github.com/Jermolene/TiddlyWiki5/pull/6740 … You can comment there or create a new issue at GH

Here is a dom dump:

Note my “fix” is in place.

Where does your whitespace come from?



yes, that’s the whitespace I was referring to.
Do you use “special” tag macros?

Well, that whitespace is not involved (notice in the original it’s just a spacer between some of the pills). However, you got me looking deeper… a suitably placed \whitespace trim fixed it.

Thanks, @pmario

This thread was interesting!!!

Merely because it was super esoteric :rofl:


Agreed, I didn’t even know this was a part of how tags rendered, but more for me to add to my TIL tiddler!

Ahh, cool. So it’s solved?