TiddlyWiki on VR headsets


I recently had the chance to view TiddlyWikiClassic with a Meta Quest 3 VR headset (this is the one with augmented reality). I didn’t spend a huge amount of time playing around with it but the interface is very close to what I imagine the vision of Project Xanadu interface would be, since you interact with windows in a Minority Report / physical sense. It was for me one of the few times where I have felt truly excited by a new technology.

I look forward to the chance to test out the Apple Vision Pro when it comes out. I think the main advantage for text heavy applications with the current VR headsets is the ability to have a large horizontal viewport, a la Al Gore

For example on my desktop computer Mac mini, I have a 23" display (1920x1080) and a 27" display (2560 x 1440), for a grand total of 2520 pixels of horizontal viewport. This is the point where you start running into limits of just way too much screen real estate.

Back to the VR headsets, I read a review where they state the Meta Quest 3 targets a viewport of 1680 x 1760px. It doesn’t seem like Apple has published yet what this spec will be for Vision Pro. But if you are looking to have an enormous amount of screen real estate for editing TiddlyWiki, you may way to consider a VR headset.


I have 4 x 1920x1080 monitors. Most of my TWs use three of them, a couple use all four. I can’t bare to go back to just two. And forget one… it’s 2023, for pete’s sake!

Health benefit – it’s like watching tennis: you move your head/neck a lot :laughing: