Tiddlyhost and Autosave

Summary: Tiddlyhost now does autosave with external-core TiddlyWikis

Because of the “every save is an upload of the entire file” nature of Tiddlyhost, autosave has previously been discouraged and effectively hobbled on Tiddlyhost. This is still the case for full size “self-contained” (“internal core”) TiddlyWikis, but starting today Tiddlyhost will allow the autosave option to be persisted for “external core” TiddlyWikis. In fact I believe it’s enabled by default. (If you prefer to disable it, you can do so in the TiddlyWiki Control Panel under the Saving/General tab.)

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This is great!

Is there a way to change an existing TH wiki from internal to external core? I have one on there which is only useful online (a sort of briefcase to bring things to and from work.) Or is it a matter of creating a new one and dragging the old one atop it?

There is a way to do it, see here for the details.

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Just did it and it worked great! Thank you for this wonderful tool!