New templates for GSD5 on Tiddlyhost

GSD5 is a TiddlyWiki plugin for the “Getting Things Done” methodology, created and maintained by Roma Hicks.

To make it easier to try GSD5 on Tiddlyhost I’ve created two templates with the plugin installed. You can find them here. I’ll aim to keep them updated regularly so they’re running the latest TiddlyWiki and a current version of the GSD5 plugin.

The two versions are “internal core” and “external core”. I suggest using the external core version since it can do autosave on Tiddlyhost.

GSD5 specific feedback should be directed to Roma, but let me know if you find any problems with the templates or if have any trouble using them on Tiddlyhost.


@simon thanks for setting up the templates!

What’s the source of the GSD5 plugin in your templates? The reported version of the plugin is 0.8.2, while the version at is 0.8.2-beta+20230819163331. An apparent difference is that the version in your templates uses new icons, a recent commit to the source as I’ve seen.

Is the plugin in your templates built from the source (GitLab)? If so, is this an automated frequent process, kinda like prerelease of TW? Are you by any chance planning to include the tickler sub-plugin in your templates as well?

I’m building it from the latest master branch at gsd5-tiddlywiki / gsd5-core · GitLab . (It would be good to include a git sha in the build number to make that more clear, I’ll take a look to see how hard that would be.)

The plan is to update it regularly, but it’s not automated currently, so there may be some irregularities in the frequency since I’m doing it manually.

I haven’t looked at the tickler sub-plugin. Would you suggest including it? Are there any other pieces that it would make sense to include?


Yes, if anyone can confirm that it is viable to use in the current state, or if you wait until I have time to check it out :wink:

To be honest only recently have I started to move to GSD5, and I didn’t find time to play with node just to get this subplugin. I didn’t find it hosted anywhere as a “drag-and-droppable” plugin; it is missing on, it is not listed on

I’ve seen the lacking/incomplete tickler functionality being discussed as an important flaw of GSD5. Hopefully easing access to this subplugin (just as you do with core GSD5) would help more people get onboard.

@simon , for your info, I am using gsd5 latest version (standalone) on a daily basis. The tickler sub-plugin would be very convenient for me.

Huge thanks,