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All the best for 2022. A little over a year ago I started using TiddlyWiki and I love it. During last year I used it for managing my tasks and notes. During the Christmas break I created some plugins to enhance my bullet journal implementation. I made the following plugins:

  • Kanban Board
    an simple, easy to use kanban board which can be integrated in your TiddlyWiki which is based on a wikitext macro
  • GroupedTable
    A wikitext macro which renders an table which support row grouping based on filer and grouping field parameter
  • Rich Text Editor
    Simple rich text editor which support tab and shift0tab for easy handling of bullets. I used it for editing notes in view mode

The plugins and a demo file with Stroll and the three plugins with some sample data is available at: GitHub - JoostvandenDool/TW-Plugins: TiddlyWiki extensions. The demo file is also available at demo.html

Looking forward to your feedback and suggestions and I hope they are useful for you too.

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Thanks for the demo site! And for using Stroll! And especially for the plugins!

I have added the three plugins to the Toolmap. (under Task management and productivity - adaptations / Tables, charts and graphs / Writing and editing - editing tools, respectively)

Thanks for your plugins, but the link to the demo doesn’t work for me.
Here is a working link :




They seem pretty useful. I for sure will try the first two in my Projectify based wiki, as they bring a complementary view on the ones provided by such wiki.

Regarding RTEditor, I’m using one based on CodeMirror, but I would like to have a better bullet management on TW. Would be possible to have the same behavior on CodeMirror?


Dear Offray,

Thank you for your message and great you like the plugin.

I am not that familiar with CodeMirror but what i have done is quite simple. My text editing frame is a div with id textarea. I added an eventlistener which handles the tab and shift-tab. The code looks like this:
textarea.addEventListener(‘keydown’, function(e) {
if (e.shiftKey && e.key == ‘Tab’) {

      document.execCommand('outdent', false);

the full source can be found here: TW-Plugins/RTEditorWidget.js at main · JoostvandenDool/TW-Plugins · GitHub

I hope this helps.

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Would you update the demo link! It does not work anymore!

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Mohammad, the demo seems to be fine via this link:


Thank you! Yes this link works!


UPDATE: The permalink above (from July 2022) is broken, but the plugin content is still all available at the root location: