Standardlize context menu addon format

I’m planning to add native context menu support to context menu plugin, so native features like “developer tools” and “inspect element” show up in plugin based context menu.

Now that @Yaisog and @ahanniga have different implementation of context menu, I hope you can come up with an agreement of how to write addon for them, so I can add new buttons at once, and those buttons can call JS functions exposed in $, thanks!

I would recommend a tag based approach where tiddlers with the appropriate fields can be given a tag to show up in the context menus. This is an extensible approach and is also what I use in my plugin for a context menu for tiddler links.

It would be best to add wikitext affordances for those methods with action widgets or widget messages. That way the context menu buttons can be entirely defined in wikitext.

I need to add context menu item that calls JS API to open the developer tool. But this can be implemented as rendering a <$openDeveloperTool /> action widget.

js does not seem to have an API that can directly open devtools, and chrome.devtools does not seem to exist