[SOLVED] Error on footnote numbering using Refnotes 1.8.3 (due to conflict with KaTex plugin)

I’m using Tiddly Desktop 0.0.14 (14), MacOS BigSur 11.4. I’m having trouble using Refnotes 1.8.3. Below is the screenshot :


As you can see, the numbering of footnote is 1 and 1 whereas on the footnote is 1 and 2. Below is my writing on the tiddler

# Bring kids to the school <<fnote "Playfield">>
# Video [[Nuclear bomb]] <<fnote "Facebook Veritasium">>

! Footnote 

Anyone knows why this error happens? And how to fix this?


Testing on https://kookma.github.io/TW-Refnotes


works as expected

Also tested on tiddlywiki.com (v5.2.3) and it works as expected.


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Hi all,

Thanks for your reply. It means the bug only happens on Tiddly Desktop using MacOS.

Any suggestions how to notice the developer about this bug? Or is there any other things could be the cause of this bug?

Thank you Tiddly community
Best Regards

The author of Refnotes is here! I doubt TiddlyDesktop is the source of what you see!
I recommend to test this on a clean Tiddlywiki + Refnotes

Clean tiddlywiki means I make a new wiki on my Tiddlywiki desktop? And then I try to reproduce the bug?

Just for your information, I try to increase the number of footnote in the tiddler and it behaves the same. It only shows number 1

Yes, I mean start with empty.html (vanilla TW)
Add Refnotes (perhaps latest is better)
Test the case you gave above

This example shows four footnotes
Simple example footnote on https://kookma.github.io/TW-Refnotes

I download empty.html
I go to main window of tiddly desktop
I click add wiki file, I choose empty.html
I install the refnotes 1.8.3 by drag and drop
I reload the tiddly desktop

I go to above link and copy to clipboard
I make a new tiddler and paste the text that shows 4 footnotes
I save it and it shows 4 footnotes exactly as the examples

So far I can conclude there is something wrong with my own wiki settings that cause the refnote plugin to behave strangely because by using empty.html I can not reproduce the bug.

Apologize me because I’m a newbie in tiddlywiki and I am not expert on coding so I don’t know what is the cause of bug? Perhaps you can guide me more so that we can find the cause and fix it

Thank you so much for your help
Best regards

Yes, I think your wiki has plugins or settings cause this!
But to get idea of how footnote works. It uses a css class with counter.

See for example this page, explains auto number using CSS: Advanced Autonumbering Techniques with CSS (clickhelp.com)

No problem at all. Tiddlywiki Community is very welcoming. I may not have your answer, but there are nice people here to help you!

Good luck

Hi thanks for supporting me back and forth
I have found the answer

I analyze all the plugin I have and I suspect the editor autolist plugin I download from stroll

I delete the plugin and now my footnote numbering is shown 1, 2, 3, 4, etc so on. It works normally now !!! PTL

My question now, how should I tell everyone that some annoying bug happen if we install refnote plugin with editor autolist plugin from Stroll? In short, how will this finding can be a benefit for others?

Thanks and
Best regards

I know the autolist plugin was developed by @saqimtiaz. I will check it with the Refnotes again!

Some hints:

Refnotes + Autolist

The Refnotes Demo wiki (list of installed plugins)

Hi !
Sorry if this new message brings you some bad news.
Some things happen since the last time I send message here. So after I fall into rejoice due to the numbering is working, I sent message here to give report. Afterwards, I go back to my tiddlydesktop and I want to edit my tiddler.

Recall that I have deleted the Editor Autolist, when I click the pencil icon to edit, suddenly the tiddler said that “you are missing edit-comptext widget” (I’m sorry I forgot to save the screenshot) and I’m stuck, I can not edit all tiddler I had since the beginning of time.

Because Editor Autolist and edit-comptext are one package from stroll, I try to uninstall all the plugins. I follow the instructions using $:/AdvancedSearch.

Now all the stroll plugins have been removed and I can edit my tiddler again. But the footnote numbering now is error again, it only shows number 1 like I show in the first message.

I did several testing again

  1. I close tiddlydesktop, open up again, nothing changes (the footnote numbering is still showing number 1 only)
  2. I uninstall refnote plugin and reinstall again using drag and drop method and nothing changes

Current condition :

  1. I have only 3 plugin : core, katex and refnotes
  2. I have only 2 themes : snow white and vanilla
  3. No language installation

I’m not sure what else should I check to fix the error.

Thank you

Before any debugging, create few backups of you wiki and store in different places!
Continue your debugging on a copy of wiki!

I will test this for you!

The issue is with Katex. No worry!
I will return to you!

As an urgent solution for below case

Download $__plugins_kookma_refnotes_styles_footnote-counter.json (592 Bytes)
drag and drop into your wiki [Make sure you have a backup before doing this]
This should solve the issue!

I will later push an update and will explain the solution in Refnotes!

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Hi !
Sorry for very late reply due to timezone and I need to go my office.

I have download your file
I drag and drop to my Wiki and now footnote numbering goes right 1, 2, 3 so on
I try to edit my tiddler, everything went smooth no trouble at all.
I open a lot of my tiddler just to see if everything is okay, and it works, everything is fine now

Thank you for helping me gone through a lot of discussion back and forth! :pray: :pray: :pray:
Finally it solves. Allow me to edit the title of this discussion so anyone can come here if they stumble on the same problem like I did. I already vote your last message as the solution.

Best regards


FYI there is a newer version of the Editor AutoList plugin:



Hi Saq,
I use the SQPL to simply add plugins! I note the autolist is not included am I right?