Search not working with JD's Whitespace theme

The wonderful whitespace theme from JD seems to be hitting a snag with the new version of TW.
The search box in the side bar no longer dynamically shows search results.

This was working in 5.1.23-prerelease (as seen on but no longer. I have dragged the theme onto just to check it’s not something in my wiki and have the same result! :slight_smile:

Theme can be found here:

I’m hoping it’s a simple css fix…Are you here JD? I may duplicate post on google groups…


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I had a quick look at this. I saw how his search also has an add tiddler feature, So I though as a work around you could put the standard search into the left sidebar. So I created a tiddler containin <<tag $:/tags/SideBarSegment>> so I could see if all I needed to do was tag the standard search tiddler $:/core/ui/SideBarSegments/search with $:/tags/SideBarSegment.

The first observation is I can’t even read the tag popup as it is truncated by the bottom of the tiddler.


What this tells me is the search is possibly not working because the tiddlers have a higher z-index than the tag drop down (as opposed to X width and Y height the Z is depth), and this is possibly also happening with the custom search in the theme.

So I did go to tag the standard search tiddler $:/core/ui/SideBarSegments/search with $:/tags/SideBarSegment and found it already was. I notices then the left side bar displays those items with the tag $:/tags/SideBar so I found the shadow tiddler $:/core/ui/SideBarSegments/search and tagged it with $:/tags/SideBar and we have the same problem.

We need either the theme author to look at this or the core dev team to tell us if there were any z-index changes in the 5.2.0 release.

I raised this here Were their any z-Index changes in the 5.2.0 core release?

Much Appreciated :slight_smile: Extra text to make it long enough to post

Search does not work with either.