Routines - a Tiddlywiki for keeping track of your routines

I’ve built a wiki that I’ve been using for a while to keep track of routines. I thought it would be fun to share as another example of things you can do with Tiddlywiki beyond note-taking.

This Tiddlywiki is designed to hold and present to you your daily routines.
You can set routines for a specific day (e.g. Water houseplants every Wednesday and Saturday) or on a specific day (e.g. Katie’s birthday July 1, 2022, and then every July 1).

It also allows for recurrence from the date of completion. This critical distinction is explained further in the “About this wiki.”


Thanks to everyone who has helped me with code over the years,


I love the simplicity of this elegant TW: Routines!

Simple, Small, Minimal and Useful!
Thank you Scott!

Thanks Scott!

Is there a way to view all “done” routines on a given day? Marking a routine as done seems to move it out of the way but I can’t seem to view the completed routine once it has been marked done.

Hello, thank you very much for the awesome tool. I was wondering if there is a way to import it to an existing TiddlyWiki? I was too much of a noobie and I am unable to do so.

Thanks in advance.

OMG! NVM! I am so dumb, in case someone else makes the same mistake note that the instructions clearly read: Then drag this tag pill onto that wiki and you’ll have all the code for it.

I also recommend using the Agenda view of Calendar and Agenda plugin tw-calendar with Mobile friendly agenda page layout, while it doesn’t have repeat event now.

I’m using it to record future todos and my diary (instead of writing text-based diary).