[Release] Codemirror6 Plugin

In theory it can be done by lang-tiddlywiki

Sounds interesting, but I am not against an indent level method before that, it will allow a outliner style of coding or adding text content with simple tab indents. Possibly an easier thing to achive 1st than syntax based?

  • from memory Excel and word allow forms of this
  • @Mohammad’s section editor does a version of this from view mode based on tiddlywiki heading levels. You can selectivly edit each section.

If we are to do syntax level things it would possibly better to start with a syntax highlighter that is aware of tiddlywiki’s scripy like widgets, procedures, variables and there closing tags along with regular and arbitary html tags etc…

support fold by indent


Updated: support checkbox for markdown mode

codemirror6 1.5.1 now fixes the page freezing problem caused by empty double curly braces wireless recursion in the preview area.

New Feature: support save status

use Ctrl-s to save tiddler.

Screenity video - Feb 7, 2024

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gotoLine: Command

Command that shows a dialog asking the user for a line number, and when a valid position is provided, moves the cursor to that line.

Supports line numbers, relative line offsets prefixed with + or -, document percentages suffixed with %, and an optional column position by adding : and a second number after the line number.

This would be an interesting thing to implement in order to quickly return to a position in the editor, particularly when using quick-saving plugin buttons like EditButtons.

Is there a good way in the git, or in the tiddler list, to enable this feature?

Also wondering if there’s material about

  • compiling/packaging the lighter (“basic” branch) git CodeMirror plugin.
  • creating custom trigger chars and lists for ide dropdowns


The plugin is so smooth!

I haven’t tested the usage of this function yet, but at that time, because I didn’t use it frequently and there was a shortcut key conflict, I temporarily disabled it.

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The basic branch needs to be repackaged manually, I haven’t updated it in a long time, I plan to automate the process

Update: support it already


Are there instructions on how to package the main branch?

I’m on Linux.


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GitHub - oeyoews/tiddlywiki-codemirror6: Next TiddlyWiki5 Next Editor Plugin: Codemirror6 Is this information useful to you?

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For new created tiddler, a minimum number of lines config is added, default value is 1

support maxheight with auto

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Oddly enough the gotoline feature is only functioning with an internet connection.

Is this because the feature is part of a module that’s not actually packaged with the plugin?

I’ve tried to find documentation on such a module, but could not find it.

Thanks for any help.

This particular gotoline feature is good for multiple reasons, including recovering after the scroll position gets lost after saving a tiddler.

Does this shortcut key not work for you?


I do have such a feature that I haven’t implemented yet. It’s very useful to save the last scroll/edited cursor position. But I haven’t had time to complete it recently.

The API of codemirror6 is too large. I have not yet found the relevant API to implement this function.

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Sorry, this turned out to be an issue with the LibreWolf browser.

Perhaps this could somehow be added to $:/plugins/telmiger/EditButtons rather than code mirror if the cursor position (nth character) can be found.

  • I think it reasonable if you are editing a tiddler, to save the cursor position in that tiddler but separately, perhaps in a data tiddler, tiddlername / position would be better.
  • Eventually we may even be able to edit or view a tiddler while giving a cursor position from a special link. Actually this could be done by manually setting a cursor position if nothing else.
    • May be we could save multiple cursor positions with names and intergrate a keywork search at the same time :nerd: