Give the CodeMirror Editor a max-height, but still auto shrink

The height adjustment in the editor provisions for a fixed height, or an auto height that increases regardless of how tall the editor is.

However, this solves that.

In the Editor Toolbar:
1 Click the height adjustment button
2. Select the “Fixed Height” radio button
3. Enter something like the following in the box:

auto; max-height:800px; max-width:800px;

or something like that

; max-height:900px;


  • “auto;” is the tail end of what would have been a fixed size (or what is already chosen by the other radio button) I tried it with just a semicolon to start, and that worked as well.
  • “max-height: 800px;” simply continues the CSS to include the max possible height.
  • “max-width: 800px;” is for me, because it allows me to use the mouse to scroll the river instead of the editor panel.

My Wiki Example

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It looks like I made a mistake, as it only seems to work for the CodeMirror editor’s CSS, and not the default editor.

I tried it with default editor and it didn’t work as expected, I thought I was doing something wrong. If anyone finds out how to do it for default editor, I’d be interested.