Refnotes Plugin: New update 1.8.0 - 1.8.7

Refnotes plugin has got a major update

Refnotes is a reference manager tool that allows you to maintain a “personal library” of references, citations, footnotes and abbreviations in Tiddlywiki.

Release 1.8.0

  • May 27th, 2022
  • [NEW] Cited in shows the list of tiddlers has cited current reference. See Backlinks in bibtex references
  • [NEW] Process new bibtex entries button uses slugify operator to convert titles to lowercase, remove spaces and all nasty characters
  • [NEW] The ref macro supports pranthetical and narrative in-text citation in accordance with APA7 style
  • [NEW] The ref macro supports page numbers with in-text citation in accordance with APA7 style
  • [FIXED] The showrefs now displays the references in correct form based APA7 style
  • [FIXED] The defualt citation style (e.g. APA) now shows the author names in-text citation in correct form
  • [FIXED] Documentation is updated to reflect recent changes
  • [FIXED] Some global macros now are local and tag $:/tags/Macro was removed

If you like it go to Code page and star it!

Release 1.8.5

  • Dec 12th, 2022
  • [NEW] Refnotes 1.8.4 and later needs Tiddlywiki 5.2.1 above. It uses some new features like $let, format:titlelist, …
  • [NEW] The new bibliography macro insert a bibliography section which is different from work cited (or reference list which is created by showrefs). See Terminology
  • [NEW] The cite is a new synonym for ref macro. There is a plan to deprecate ref and use cite which is more semantic.
  • [NEW]


  • APA style for patents (has some issues)

Release 1.8.6

  • Mar 9th, 2023
  • [NEW] Updated to Tiddlywiki 5.2.5
  • [FIXED] Cited in now supports both ref and cite macros.

Release 1.8.7


Thanks @Mohammad for this very valuable set of tools.

That is because of settings in tabs macro to not overflow to the right!
If you watch ref popup on its own tiddler or if you close the sidebar it will be displayed correctly.
Refnotes handles popup for small screens, but further control needs JS.

There are some discussions in forum and GitHub improving the popup functionality in TW, but with no success.

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Refnotes plugin has got a new update

Refnotes is a reference manager tool that allows you to maintain a “personal library” of references, citations, footnotes and abbreviations in Tiddlywiki.

Release 1.8.1

For all changes see ChangeLog


In 1.8.1 Refnotes is more powerful than ever. It can be used as Reference manager for Tiddlywiki and opens a new window for simple and quick academic citation/bibliography for online webpages (e.g. online TW).

Thank you for all those who helped to create Refnotes.

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A critical bug is fixed!

Release 1.8.2

  • June 4th, 2022
  • [FIXED] The showrefs handles references with no author, few words of title are shown instead, or Unknown author if title is not existed
  • [FIXED] The defualt template path for reference style was corrected
  • [FIXED] Websites output style can display retrieved date
  • [FIXED] Documentation improved

@Mohammad Can you explain how or point to the relevant documentation please. I am working on supporting doco right now and very interested.

Hi @TW_Tones
Please see

The Reference manager here means create bibliography, citation and reference list.
This is what is used in academic writing.

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@Mohammad Thanks for the wonderful plugin RefNotes. It is part of my daily work now. It is possible to automatically add tag bibtex-entry after importing from dropzone in the sidebar Paste your Bibtex Entry here?

Yes, it is possible. You can wrap any action and add to dropzone.
The reason it does not the job now is to have it optional.

Sidenote: I am thinking to use Refnotes in Mehregan, I am experimenting to see if a source tag is better or not, and how a source viewtemplate works here…

@Mohammad Thanks. Could you point me where to change the codes? I have quickly look at this morning, but cannot figure out where to change.

and $:/plugins/kookma/refnotes/ui/dropzone

I had used this codes but it is not working

\define add-tag()
<$list filter="[[Import Bibtex]links[]]">
    <$action-setfield $field="tags" $value="bibtex-entry" />

  importTitle="Import Bibtex">
<div class="bibtex-dropzone" tabindex=1>
Paste your Bibtex Entry here

The links will appear after you imported the entries (here bibtex entries).
So, I believe the actions shall be appear on the [[Import Bibtex]] tiddler or $:/Import

My previous explanation may be confusing! @saqimtiaz may have better explanation here.

@Mohammad you might not believe it. I installed this plugin only an hour ago, and I opened this forum to create a thread to thank you for your incredible work. Which is when I saw the new update thread.

I am writing a literature review of my research topic, and your plugin turned out to be a lifesaver. Wonderful plugin!

Thanks a lot.

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Two questions,

  1. Is it possible to show references in numbered format like instead of “(Lee et al., 2009) proposed…”, the plugin shows it as “They [19] proposed…”. And the numbered reference updates with the insertion and deletion of other references.

  2. What’s the best way you to stay up to date with your plugins? I have set a repeating reminder in my todo list that reminds me to download the latest source from Github repository of commander and ref plugins, and place them in my tiddler’s plugin folder. Is there a better or easier way for plugins to auto-update?

The older version used numbered style, you can download from GitHub repo, but the newer (I think from 1.5) uses APA7 style. There were many requests to use APA instead of simple numbered style.
I have seen the possibility to switch the style in the code, but it takes time to implement this style switching feature.

I use the kookma library. A simple click on update button lets me to get the latest plugin. All updates are announced in the forum. Codes are on GitHub so, if you like you can track also the repo.

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Hi there, hi Mohammad!

First, I may seem new here, but I’m following the projects since a while now and just wanted to thank you, and @jeremyruston and actually everyone contributing to TW and the wonderful plugins’ ecosystem. I’m converting right now my post-guttenberg Phd thesis “manuscript” to an actual non linear pieces of texts that is matching our modern way of reading, thinking and writing, and I really enjoy it thanks to all of you guys. Cheers to that, I’m trying to follow the tracks of Molina :

And @Mohammad, you are so facilitating this enterprise, maybe Molina would have loved this too back that time. I will share with you as soon it is ready.

Meanwhile, serious and quick question about APA7’ style.
Let’s say I want to quote you and this plugin, as for an example.

APA’ strict style would give something like:

Rahmani, M. (2022). Refnotes Plugin (1.8.4). "https://“”/"tw.refnotes.1.8.4

(what about italicizations of titles or journals?)

Let’s simplify, cause we don’t have a D.O.I., or an url yet, but it could/should be displayed eventually?

Rahmani, M. (2022). Refnotes Plugin (1.8.4).

Now, It seems that Refnotes would naturally output this:

Mohammad Rahmani. Refnotes Plugin (1.8.4). (2022)

Honestly and subjectively, I don’t really like APA anyway, but, it’s a standard, so… we have to comply. But I really prefer this way of presenting citations, because I’m also an human, and I don’t recall “Rahmani, M.” like a APA cog machine, just Mohammad Rahmani, because this is actually how I would call you If I had to. Right, this is confusing.

Anyway, this is not really a proposal for debates about APA’s way of thinking human-machines recognition, but I’m curious, why this way of presenting citations inside your popovers if it’s not APA7?

Cheers :wave:


Sorry, we always say a picture is worth a thousand words:

But… why? :relaxed:


Hi @prb
Welcome to the community. I am glad you found Refnotes useful.
I would be happy to see your finished work once it is ready.

You are right. Refnotes needs to have options to allow users select their style of choice. The older version uses Numbered style and you can download it (not recommended), then there were many requests to switch to APA7. For technical reason it was not possible to have several styles at the same time.

Now, it can be feasible to support several styles. I add this to my todo list! but I need to find some free times to do it as it affects several shadow tiddlers in Refnotes.