Note taking tag or category?

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Hi @Mohammad – the nice thing about tags, is that anyone can add them at any time. I notice you didn’t add any tags – you (or any of the regular members) can add tags to any post. So “other tools” or something like that – whatever tag you like.

Do you want a separate category for this? It would show up at the top level like Discussions, Plugins, Meta etc. It doesn’t feel like having an “Other Tools” category makes sense for this TW forum.

What do you think? What do other @moderators think?

Hi @boris
No I suggested to have a tag!. I realized I can add the tag by myself.

Thank you

I didn’t realise anyone can add them to other people’s posts. Could you talk me through the process @boris or just point to the button to use on mobile? I’m sure there’s an army of ‘taggers’ out there.

You should see the “pencil” icon next to the title. That lets you edit the title and the tags without touching the body.

I just upgraded you to “regular” — haven’t looked which level has tagging support.

Please DO go ahead and add tags — and write up “tag strategies” here in the #meta

This is an easy way for us to collaboratively collect posts.

Thanks @boris I’ll give it a go.

It works! Think I’ll avoid the tag strategy discussion though as that’ll probably lead to a 10 volume publication on this forum. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
The only strategy that counts guys is ‘if a post interests you, tag it.’

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