My Maths Notebook

I’ve had this sitting around for a while…
Any feedback appreciated.

Any plugins you’d recommend to include?


Looks great ! Maybe you could add global variable for constant like pi ? Then we could use them like this: <<pi>>

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Ohhh… That’s a thought… You can do that? Of course you can…

To the documentation!

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Maybe a javascript macro would be more appropriate since math.pi is a thing: Math.PI - JavaScript | MDN

I did something like that when I added the trigonometry operator, it’s not very difficult, see $:/core/modules/filters/math.js ==> search for //trigonometry

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Might be worth it to add a macro or an addon to be able to do inline math, like @Charlie_Veniot calculator’s : TW "Calculator" prototype ready to play with

Your approach to the construction of the formula card is magnificent, it allows you to think about all the elements to be introduced and I think I will adopt it.

I personally split my tiddlywiki into

  • <theory>
  • <definitions>
  • <formula>
  • <calculation>

(these are four tags).

For the <theory> I decided to adopt a directory approach so that we could break down the topics into its essential components.


electricity/direct current/
electricity/alternating current/
electricity/alternating current/single-phase
electricity/alternating current/three-phase

and tag the tiddler with formulas with the tag <formula>

For tagged tiddlers I adopted this type of construction:

<$macrocall $name="details" ....

… to have a link / quick view to the tiddler with the theory and formula

Entering in the text field the formula and using the plugin "$:/plugins/mklauber/math.js" to have a widget that evaluates expression using Math.JS

The variables for the calculation are contained in the fields of the Tiddler itself and the modification of the data takes place by changing the state using the widget <$reveal>

Mine is an evolving job and to answer your initial question I would add the plugin:

  • $:/plugins/mklauber/math.js

    • This serves me to be able to have tiddlers where to perform the calculations referring to the formulas and the theory.
  • $:/plugins/kookma/favorites - Favorites: Create bookmarks, shortcuts and favorite items as flat and structured lists

    • This serves me to highlight the formulas and calculations I’m working on without doing research.

I’m thinking of introducing, but I haven’t started yet:

  • $:/plugins/kookma/refnotes

    • This is to have a quick reference to a textbook where the theory is fully developed.
  • $:/plugins/kookma/solution

    • This is to have a reference to online resources such as component catalogs, tables and other data that may later be transferred within the tiddlywiki.

My first source of inspiration was Engineers Text Book — An Hyperlinked Text Book for Engineers


Awww :slight_smile: thanks. That one is mine as well!

These are called indeed subtiddler. I would recommend to have a look at ztk from @sobjornstad

This can be used for structured fav lists with two level deep. like
Maths → a virtual folder and yet a tiddler
Maths/root finding

as subtiddler.
From pedagogical point of view two level is better than three/four/… levels

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