[MCL] Bugs and issues

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I’m splitting the thread A multi-column Layout / Storyview into this separate thread for any bugs you and I encounter

Please leave a comment here if you find something strange you would like to see fixed

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I’ll post the first issue so that I don’t forget about it:

Dropdowns within the story rivers are hidden underneath adjacent story rivers

That problem is not easy to fix and maybe a won’t-fix so it probably will need a workaround

Just a simpleton’s workaround for now … Make the Tiddler full screen. Then “More” works as expected.

Comment: TBH I don’t use the “More” drop down much so having to activate a “full-screen” Tiddler occasionally is fine for me.

A comment

Query: How can you “select” a Tiddler to give it “Focus”?

I’m not sure this needs a “fix”.

I kinda looked, trying to write an overview of MCL, of what “Focus” actually is.

Well it works brilliantly with the keyboard shortcuts ONCE a Tiddler is “focused”.

What is the issue?

How can you just “select” a Tiddler to be “focused”?

Please ask if this is unclear

Query: Is there a CSS class for “Focused” Tiddlers?

This is not a bug query. Rather it is “strange” :slight_smile:

I was trying to document the CSS for MCL (your live demo > Documentation is brilliant!) but the one thing I could not find was whether, when a Tiddler is “Focused”, there is CSS Style specifically for that?

Why do I ask?

Simply that I’d like to be able to change the CSS if it exists. For instance, instead of outlining a “focused” Tiddler, I might want to colour it :blush: !

So, is there a class for that?

Just a query

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Check this keyboard navigation plug in. This has a feature where we can click the tiddler to make it active. @BurningTreeC Is something like that possible with MCL navigation

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