Issue with Save and Backup using TiddlyDesktop - Up


I am reposting my message (Issue with Save and Backup using TiddlyDesktop) because I haven’t received a response that solved my issue.

I have a 16MB wiki file, and I am the sole user. I mainly use TiddlyDesktop for managing backups, which I find very convenient.

Recently, I changed my PC, and I am now using Windows 10 Pro. Since this change, using TiddlyDesktop has become impossible because every time I save a new tiddler or modify one, it takes a very long time to save (more than 20 seconds).

I have checked the following:

  • TiddlyDesktop is running with an administrator profile.
  • When I save the file in a Chrome browser (using the “save changes” button), the file is saved almost immediately. The delay I’m experiencing in Tiddlywiki doesn’t occur.

Can you help me resolve this issue? It’s quite inconvenient, and I would like to find a solution to this problem. Should I contact the community responsible for TiddlyDesktop? Do you know how I can ask them this question?

Thank you for your assistance.

@Vincent – I think Jeremy mainly uses macOS and needs to test with a VM if Windows is needed.

I personally cannot really help either. I use Windows 11 Pro.
I did just create a 19MB file with 20000 tiddlers and it needs about 2 seconds to save using TiddlyDesktop

@jeremyruston – Do you have an idea?

Is there anyone out there who still uses Windows 10 Pro and can test TiddlyDesktop.

Do you have many binary files like images or PDFs embedded into your wiki?

Edit: Do you save to a network file or the local drive?


Hi @Vincent sorry to have missed your earlier post. I haven’t come across these exact symptoms before, but my first thought is that it might be something to do with antivirus scanners. They often link themselves quite deeply into the operating system, and might well be interfering with the saving process in the name of virus scanning.

@jeremyruston @pmario Hi, thank you for your response. The issue is coming effectively from the anti Virus - I tested with the AV disactivated, and the file is saved immediately. Thank you again for your support - Vincent