[Idea] Bundler Plugin - should work with stories

I’ve been using code, maybe by Tobias, going back to 2014 that saves the current story river in a data dictionary. You just give the river a name and save.

Lately, I’ve just started experimenting with using @pmario 's bundler plugin. It will automatically create a bundle of the current river. Then I just use a view template that allows me to open the bundle as a story. It would be great if there was a “open as story” button in the sidebar.

That’s a nice idea. I’ll add it as a GitHub issue.
Edit: [Feature Request] Add "Open as Story" to the bundler plugin. · Issue #141 · wikilabs/plugins · GitHub

The stories-plugin will be compatible with the “fitlered bundles” setting. So filtered bundles and stories will show up in the $:/AdvancedSearch → Filter tab.

@Mark_S – I did move these posts, so we can discuss the possibilities. The latest bundler plugin uses the following image buttons, that open the configuration in the $:/AdvancedSearch → Filters tab

IMO it would be possible to add a “CTRL click-action”, that opens the configured tiddlers as a story instead of the advanced search tiddler.

For mobile users the UI starts to be “overloaded”, since there are already 3 buttons now. So I think it should be cleaned up and it should be user configurable, which buttons should be shown.


May be have a new sidebar-tab Stories, that shows a minimized UI.

What do you think?

100% yes on CtrlClick (on desktop, anyway). I wouldn’t want to accidentally left-click something…


I think being able to configure which buttons show is a good solution.

For me, I would use “Open as story” more often than export. Also, if you have the ability to “test”, then you are only 1 step away from export (via the advanced filter). So the export option slightly overlaps with test, and also overlaps with drag/drop.

So replacing it with “Open as Story” would be easy for me, and probably most other users.

Hopefully this isn’t a separate thread.

Another suggestion.

It seems like it would be useful if Bundler could use the caption or description field. Often it is the case that your bundle will need a nice long title. But this makes the sidebar entree very messy. Being able to provide a caption would make it easier to organise bundles.

I did create a new feature request issue for that one: [Feature request] Bundler should handle the caption field · Issue #142 · wikilabs/plugins · GitHub

While I’m on a roll, I submitted another feature request:

Currently bundles are stored in text mode.

If you rename a tiddler, you can’t depend on relink to rename the tiddler in the bundle because it won’t process text tiddlers.

If you change the bundle type to text/vnd.tiddlywiki, then relink will work inside the bundle. But the list will not display nicely.

What would be ideal is if the bundles could use text/vnd.tiddlywiki, but the display view would still show a nicely formatted list.


@Mark_S Bundler Edition — Improve your export / import workflow, is updated now.

More info can be found at: [INTRO] Bundler-plugin - Export, Import, Bookmark and Manage Tiddler Stories – soon! :wink:

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