How to "protect" Fields in EditTemplate from Editing

There is a new Field Editor Cascade that links to a tiddler Customizing EditTemplate field renderingThe description has to be followed exactly. …

Since there are several steps involved, it’s easy to make a typo, so I did add a JSON file here, that works with field prefilxed x-

There is a tiddler :/protected that may be renamed to $:/protected in the production version. But for easier testing I did remove the $ so the tiddler is visible

The value of the :/protected tiddler is used with the edit-text widget, which has a disabled field.

The config tiddler is visible too. Be aware that the tiddler “x-field” contains a filter, where the config-tiddler name needs a $ prefix too in production.

protect-field-1.json (1.1 KB)