How to filter and delete multiple tiddlers?

I known it could be done with this king of command :slight_smile:

tiddlywiki --load $INDEX \
               --deletetiddlers '[tag[IWantToDeleteTiddlersWithThatTag]]' \
               --output /tmp --render "$:/core/save/all" "newindex.html" "text/plain"

How to do it from online TW?
The “dustbin” icon can only delete one by one,

<$list filter="....">
<$action-deletetiddler $tiddler=<<currentTiddler>>/>
Delete batch
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You can also do this directly in the $:/AdvancedSearch Filter tab. Just enter the desired filter syntax (e.g. [tag[IWantToDeleteTiddlersWithThatTag]]). The interface will show you a list of all matching tiddlers. Next to the input field, additional buttons will appear. Press the “dustbin” button. You will be asked to confirm before deleting all matching tiddlers.


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Could I ask, what filter you’d use, to select tag[IWantToDeleteTiddlersWithThatTag] + “created last 24h” or during a time period ?

Use the days operator, like this:



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Great !
What if tiddlers must contain a certain “field = value” also

What if tiddlers must contain a certain “field = value” also

Then add in fieldname[value] filter operator, like this:


i.e., tiddlers tagged with IWantToDeleteTiddlersWithThatTag that were created in the last day, and have a field named myfield with a value of somevalue

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I am a TW learning student.
Filter with “not a certain value” :


But empty?
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