How do you handle bibtex sources?


I would like to use Refnotes (by @Mohammad) to cite sources which where imported with the official bibtex-importer. I’m using TiddlyWiki 5.2.0 with node.js. Some questions:

  1. How do you handle websites? I want not only save “classic” bibtex entries like books etc., but I also want to save websites in bibtex entries. I saw in the Refnotes demo website that there is a tiddler wikipedia_2021 with the field bibtex-entry-type = website, but website is not a official bibtex entry type. So I would guess that @Mohammad did a custom bibtex entry called website. Could you @Mohammad share how you generate website bibtex entries?

  2. Is there a good way to automatically fetch new bibtex entries from a .bib file? Right now, I use JabRef to save my sources. JabRef saves by default everything in a .bib file. It would be nice if there would be a method with node.js to automatically load the .bib file everytime I save a new entry in JabRef. This would save me the time to call manually tiddlywiki --load sources.bib everytime I add a new source.

  3. Any additional tips? Does anyone use a complete different workflow to save sources and cite it?

Hi @Taltessy

Refnotes has good documentation and examples, I recommend to take a look and see examples.
Refnotes has not all type of formatting but it is very flexible and you can hack it as you like!

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I think this is possible, but @joshuafontany, @saqimtiaz or @jeremyruston can have better advices here!


Could some regular bibtext users do a short summary on its purpose and use in a How to post in so as to enlighten the unenlightened like me?

It takes an identified need for people to learn something new, and the more people that make use of a specific solution the larger your community and the more possible contributors.

Thanks in advance.

I have a new problem: when I import a bib file through --load command or through drag-and-drop I don’t get the bibtex-entry tag anymore. I get the tiddler with all bibtex fields but no tag. I can’t reproduce this and don’t know when this starts to happen. Previously, I got the bibtex-entry tag for every new imported bibtex entry. Very confusing. Does anyone know how to fix that? @Mohammad @jeremyruston

I don’t mean a new style. I mean a new Bibtex entry type, like book, article, phdthesis .Here you will find all standard Bibtex entry types. As you can see there is no website entry type. In the standard JabRef installation there are only standard Bibtex entry types available. Before I can use your APA7 style for website I need an entry type website in my .bib-file.

I solved this by creating an new custom entry in JabRef called website. I struggled (and therefore created this thread here) because I did a mistake and forget to include the author field in my .bib-file. I thought you did your citation like [publisher], ([year]), but this was wrong and instead you do it as [author], ([year]).

In a new thread? (I would like to end this post here, but regarding to the forum bot I have to post at least 20 characters :slight_smile: )

It comes from Refnotes and not related to the core!
In the sidebar there is a button in Bibliography tab and you can click to add tag to any new entry!

I am not update with latest change! I will have a look later this weekends to see what is the problem!
I appreciate to submit your issues or ideas in GitHub repo page!

Aaaah, now I got it. You import the bib files and after that you have to press the Button “Process new entries”.

I would like to second @TW_Tones 's general request for a “How To” article. I’m trying to get Refnotes to work on my TW, trying to follow the rules for installing on Node.js, and it has been a total failure so far. An extra sad situation because the plugin looks so valuable!

Have you ever read the Tutorial?

Please carefully read it and try the provided examples, if still have question please write here and I and other users will be happy to help you!

I think the installation is explained here: Refnotes 1.7.2 — references, citations, footnotes and abbreviations in Tiddlywiki

kookma tools are among the best in term of documentation and distribution! You have three options

  • use kookma library
  • use standalone install by visiting website and drag and drop
  • download the repo and install on Node.JS

I understand official TW documentation are confusing for using plugins with Node.JS so, it is not Refnotes, it is difficulty with TW+Node.JS by the way

I have given link to official TW docs


I will update the kookma plugins installation on Node.JS for all plugins. I will try to give simpler procedure and I would be happy to see if there is a more descriptive, more clear doc out there to be used!

Would you have a look at Installing Plugins on TIddlywiki + Node.JS: Help for Better Documentation
and see if you can install Refnotes in your TW+Node.JS?

I did a GitHub Issue. @ahollar maybe this solves your Issue. @TW_Tones I tried to described the workflow a little bit, maybe this helps to understand how to use Refnotes.

Thank you to @Taltessy and @Mohammad I’m out of town this weekend but will give it another try over the next! Appreciate your help!