[Help] Showing All fields in a tiddler when editting it?

How would I be able to modify TW5 to show every field of a tiddler when editting it?

As an example, when adding “Justin H.” to the field “creator” it will change the creator field, however it won’t show the field as it does for the other fields in the tiddler.

So, I’d like for every field added to be shown, if possible, though I don’t really know how to change this.

EDIT: A bit of an after thought, but would there also be a way of changing the field text areas to expand in length rather than having no wordwrap?

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I think that is a good question. I don’t know the answer.

What I would say is TW hides lots of things by default (so you don’t get swamped in stuff?)

Your use case is interseting. I also get that sometimes with wanting to change author.

Side comment, TT

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ah yea, that’s another field I use, just because I use my TW as a store-all notebook for outlining my story ideas (among other tidbits.)

I’m tempted to use custom fields like TiddlerAuthor or TiddlerCreator but it doesn’t look as clean IMO

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And somewhat redundant since, for instance, an “author” maybe exists already?

Better not to profligate unnecessary fields :smiley:?

TBH, this a question a TW developer can answer, hopefully.

Maybe this is slightly off-topic, not an original thought, and knowing hind-sight is 20/20 but it would have been consistent with the rest of TiddlyWiki to name internal fields with a $:/ prefix.

So the type field should be $:/type, and hidden by default. This would free up any non-system word for use by users.


I don’t really know enough on the topic here, but you could take this a step further and follow how tags work (ex. “$:/tags/Stylesheet”), maybe something like “$:/fields/type” and “$:/fields/title” but that being said, for each tiddler to have one of these, it would probably have to look something more like “$:/fields/type/TiddlerTitleHere” or something along those lines.

Or maybe not! I’m not really sure where fields are stored, I’m assuming they are stored in the tiddler in question but, I have no clue haha

To change whether a particular field is shown in the field editor, create a tiddler titled $:/config/EditTemplateFields/Visibility/<name-of-field> with the value hide or show.

Thus, to show the “creator” field, you’d create a tiddler $:/config/EditTemplateFields/Visibility/creator and set its text to show.


They are. A slight complication is that a field can transclude a Tiddler. Let’s not go there yet.

right as you replied I was about to reply with a “found it!”, but none the less thank you very much!

EDIT: Would you happen to know how I could change the fields text input area to have an expanding area, rather than a no word-wrap one that goes forever on a single line?

That… hurts my brain, I’ll take your advice and leave that for another time haha

EDIT: looking at the different fields… tiddlers have bags? I’m not really sure what the field “bag” is for. Just food for thought!

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That is a reserved field used internally by TW to support some kinda web interface, I think.

You might find it useful to consult: https://tiddlywiki.com/#TiddlerFields

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That’s right. It’s origin dates back to the “tiddlyweb” REST API, which we still use, in a minimal from, for the nodejs server and wiki-folders. The “bag” variable at the moment is always set to “default”, because no code is implemented to deal with “bags”


I didn’t know this existed, but this is super useful! Thank you for pointing this out!

Justine. I think there is an argument to leave the creator and created as well as the modified and modifier fields alone so they retain their integrity. Of course if you want to reset them because you made a mistake sure, but they are one thing you can rely on and can provide importiant information that could be critical someday.

Adding some tools to ensure you select the user name and turn off the timestamps when needed may help.

You do not need to see such fields in the editor to modify them you can use the edit-text widget or setfield actions in a button.

However as illustrated you can make them visible.

Thanks for the info about setfield and the edit-text widget, but I don’t think I have the use-case where that will really come up.

I was mainly looking to use the creator field as a way of designating who created whatever the tiddler was about or referring to, ie a tiddler titled “Zettelkasten” I would have the creator as “Nikolas Luhmann” (I think I spelled his name right) because I don’t really use the creator field for anything else.

Do you know of a specific use-case where that might break TW? If that is something I could end up running into, then I can absolutely work on a different method, probably something like topic-creator or tw-creator.
(Also, just Justin is fine :smiley: )

Close … :smiley:

FYI: Niklas Luhmann

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Just FYI, there has been a lot of discussion in the past in the TW community of Zettelkasten.

You are the creator of the tiddler. If you set your name in the configuration panel, then you will be identified whenever you create a new wtiddler.

Does it matter?

If you ever use a multi-user form of TW, then being able to identify who made which tiddler and when can be useful. Or if you ever share your tiddlers and people can’t remember where they got it.

So, it would be better, in general, to follow the TW conventions, and create your own application field like author, developer, source, ip-creator, etc.


huh, ok that makes sense.
(I’m assuming that is what the “Username for signing edits” is there for?)
Well, I’ll just have to start making better habits and find a work-around for how I want to add fields to my tiddlers.

Justin would you like us to give you the code for assigning people to a tiddler using another field?

If so spell out your ideal setup

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