Help: Display title of the "Active" Tiddler (of the River)

except I’m not sure that there is such a thing as the active tiddler of the river. (I would rather not use the buttons on the Open tab to create the var, as sometimes scrolling is how I get to tiddlers.)

It would be the tiddler that has primary focus in the river.

I want to display the title in the sidebar without a link.

<<currentTiddler>> seems to exist relative to a tiddler using it - not from the sidebar.

Additionally, I had trouble finding a solution preventing a link for system tiddlers. I tried to use the CSS pointer-events: none; inside a span, div, and link tag.

Thanks very much for any help. I’m slightly embarrassed to ask.

@wattahay in regards to the 1st point, look at the content of tiddler:


The text field should have what you want.

Hope this helps.

The current Tiddler is more like your current address it is not about all addresses.

You can find a form of current tiddler in $:/Story List!!current-tiddler which is stored in that field.

<$text text="$:/Story List!!current-tiddler"/>

However I have an unpublished solution here for focus tiddlers and some experience with this subject.

Perhaps you could tell us why you want this and we may have better solitions.

Whoops, I think this is the same thing: