File Uploads Plugin - Github Backend Wishlist

To go along with the NodeJS Backend Wishlist, here is a thread to talk about Github backend related issues.

You can back these on Open Collective:

We are looking for a developer to take on NodeJS and/or Github development as part of our continued experiments with Open Collective. If you’re interested, leave a comment or DM me.

Thank you @fastfreddy for becoming the latest backer!

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Some thoughts from a technical perspective:

  • Use a smaller library or no library at all.
    • The current prototype Github uploader uses the third party octokat.js library which is no longer maintained.
    • There is an official octokit REST library that could be used, however it is large and we would be using a mere fraction of it as it covers the entire API.
    • An ideal implementation might not use any library and interface directly with the Github REST API. I believe this should be a goal and is entirely feasible.
  • An attempt to upload a 20MB video file with the uploader failed and threw an error, even though this should be possible via the API (up to 25MB). Worth looking into for a proper implementation, it might be a case of needing to use a different API end point.
  • There should be clarity about browser requirements and the target for JavaScript compatibility. All of the libraries use ES6 or newer. If we avoid libraries, an implementation using ES5 would be possible but it would be exceedingly annoying to write.

my pleasure; haven’t used yet (I am gitlab-aligned for my TW for the time being), but I love the idea and am glad to be able to contribute.
If all goes well, I may try to help with some of the plugins; some of the design challenges & considerations already listed will be helpful.

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The GitHub/Lab plugin doesn’t exist yet! So you get to “vote” for GitLab compatibility with your contribution.

Perhaps we’ll create a top level wiki with some of the outstanding items — like “looking for a developer to build the Git plugin”. The developer will get the bounty funding from the Open Collective.