File Uploads - NodeJS Backend Wishlist

Thanks @sortega for supporting the plugin and funding the NodeJS backend.

Please use this thread to share some ideas and wishlist ideas items of how you would like the NodeJS version to work / what features you’d like to see that are specific to NodeJS.

I looked around a bit, and because of the built in files route, I’m guessing that uploading into the “files” directory by default might be one feature.

I am very pressed for time these days but in case it helps in terms of ideas, this is what my current working prototype for my use case looks like:

  • saves inside the “files” directory
  • extends the server so the “files” directory accepts PUT requests to save files
    • this means that a simple PUT uploader (that also works on WebDAV) also works with nodejs with this tweak.
  • optionally ensures that the canonical uri created are unique for a given wiki
  • optionally uses a config tiddler with filters to determine the path to save a file, using the same logic as customising tiddler file naming. So you can save in sub-directories inside the “files” directory.

The last two optional features are controlled by config settings and are handled by the uploader.

That would be perfect for my TiddlyWiki setup.

For those interested in what using the FileUploads plugin with node.js might be like, there is an experimental plugin in my library that adds support to the node.js server for the PUT uploader.

It is a quick experiment and not implemented how a properly supported node.js backend would be, but it might be helpful in terms of understanding the user experience and features that we want.