"Emergency Save" - How to Save a Wiki if the UI is Broken

There have been some discussions here in the group, where users told us, that they managed to break their UI.

This post describes a mechanism using the browser developer tools, that lets you save your wiki, even if your UI will not let you do that.

Use the following steps:

  • F12 open the dev-console
  • In the Console tab enter the following text
method: "download",
downloadType: "text/plain", 
variables: {filename: "backup-x.html"}})
  • This should open the browser save file dialogue with a predefined filename, that can be changed.

If you did not mess up the $:/core/save/all template it should work.
I did test this with the TW halted at a breakpoint. … So the UI is frozen, similar to js-scripts stopped.

Have fun!