Daily Notes and Interstitial Journaling by Scott Kingery

Daily Notes is a simple and beautiful TiddlyWiki edition by our nice friend Scott (here known as @TechLifeWeb).
It has a minimal design with a Home button on every tiddler and a nice set of tabs for Interstitial journaling, Todo list and Calendar.

Have a look at: Daily Notes — Interstitial Journaling (techlifeweb.com)


  1. https://groups.google.com/g/tiddlywiki/c/qREJzyP_zCY/m/EPNxQTqgAwAJ
  2. Interstitial journaling: combining notes, to-do & time tracking - Ness Labs
  3. Some Crude Ideas for Journal Tiddler - #6 by Mohammad

Pretty neat Journaling tool. Any chance you can

  • add validation- to prevent blank todos.
  • allow creation of links in todos
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