Core Update of Cardo plugin results in Javascript Error


Update of the Tiddlywiki Plugin Cardo

Cardo is the best GTD plugin for Tiddlywiki5 ever IMO.

I tweaked the latest version a bit, with a fresher and more modern design. But when I updated it I ran into a problem.

To make sure it is not my tweaking I tried it with the original version but I get the same error.

The latest Cardo version which can be found at the dyumnin page runs on TiddlyWiki core 5.1.15.
I updatet this file on official tiddlywiki upgrade page and uploaded it to

When I open I get this error message:

Internal JavaScript Error

uncaught exception: Linked List only accepts string values, not dcb08717-3d17-4d9a-aad7-826a54bcf5df

I am at a loss. Maybe someone can point me in the right direction.

Thank you in advance.

@Xrizzy That is strange. I downloaded the version from dyumnin page and upgraded - totally the same as you did. Only I did not upload it anywhere - just ran it locally. NO javascript error. I am using Firefox browser on Linux.

Are you sure, you did not change anything?

Welcome to the community.

Ha! It is correct, that I did not see any error opening the updated Cardo - but that was only until I opened the tiddler A Big Project Im Working On. The red warning comes up.

@Birthe Thanks for the warm welcome :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Yes that seems to be the beginning of the problem.

I love Cardo. And it would be great if together we could carry this great gift of David Szego into the future. Helpful for the community.

I am just starting to dive deper into Javascript. So I’ll probably need some help. :pray:t2:

With version 5.2.0 of tiddlywiki the internal filter code changed, and I think this is exposing an error in the cardo custom regex filter.

I can see in this tiddler Cardo — A TiddlyWiki for Getting Stuff Done Click to Get Cardo

this error (twice)


which I think should be


The link the website

is dead and there is not a ‘regular’ license include in the plugin (see $:/plugins/Cardo/About/Cardo Version & Release Notes) - so I guess cardo has had its day.

Is anyone using cardo?


@buggyj Thank you for looking into this :heavy_heart_exclamation:

I do. I was so happy, when I found it.

Does that mean we’re not allowed to work on it?

You can now download it at
Unfortunately it looks like the author David Szego died in 2019. :cry:

[SOLVED] That worked like a charm. Thank you @buggyi :heavy_heart_exclamation:

I will update at github later today.

TW has some regexp operators. So it may be possible to entirely remove that custom filter operator and replace it with a core regexp or search-replace filter operator.

I did not look at the code, so I don’t know what it does.

Edit: I did import all $:/state/ and $:/temp tiddlers and there is no JS-error. But none of the tiddler toolbar buttons work anymore. No save, cancel, delete and so on.

So from my point of view it needs a deep dive and complete rewrite.

About the license, Look at tiddler Cardo Version & Release Notes. In the bottom of that tiddler the author refers to Tiddlywiki Contributor License. I do not see his name on that list though.
If you search in Google group You will find that a lot of people seemed interested in cardo. Some errors were found. Contact to the author became seldom (understandably). I got the impression - that the author were not active on github. I might be wrong about that.

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The code in the plugin seen at: Cardo — A TiddlyWiki for Getting Stuff Done Click to Get Cardo says:

For me that says the contribution is bound to the TW CLA (Contributor License Agreement). Which IMO is a clear intent, that all the terms used with the TW CLA are valid for the Cardo project too.

This basically means: The code is BSD and documentation is CC-BY. So we should be good to use and modify it under the same terms.

Edit the last known link to at also shows the same license info.

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I was. It is fantastic! As was his generosity.

It was very sad the author died.

It is possible/likely? he died before finalising all small details?


Maybe a link to TiddlyWiki GTD Group could be interesting. Announcing: Cardo 1.0.

Maybe not. As the last post was in 2022.

What remains interesting IS this open plea from 2020


Jut to rehash why I loved Cardo at the time. And: still find relevant: was David Svego’s take (=way of approaching) GTDs.

It embraced everything from simple “TODOs” through to full-on “Logical Project Frameworks”.

Unlike most GTDs, which are often quite (conceptually) brittle, Cardo was very (conceptually) flexible and practical.

I hope this is not off-T’

As this plea was posted on my birthday I take that as a sign. I would be willing to take up the project if nobody who is more experienced with Javascript want to give it a try. My idea is to call it CardoPlus and of course I want to make sure to fully credit David Szego and any other contributers. Because I probably need a little help every now and then.

What do you guys think?


A very positive sign!
Cardo has been left for so long now. I think, due to the project being enormous. Javascript is totally unknown to me.
I hope very much that you will find cooperation.
Cardo is really something, showing of what can be done using Tiddlywiki.


There is not so much javascript, it is mostly wikitext (and there is a lot of it).

The first task would be to export all the tiddlers into separate files so they can be put into git, and create a build… If you take up the project you can get advice here have to do this (if you need it).

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As I have not yet done such a thing (I am basically a newbie to Github too.) I would definitely need advice. :grinning:

PS: Is there a tutorial how to do that? :thinking:

Also have a look at the other plugins and the Cardo theme. Errors in them too.
$:/plugins/davidSzego/pageRibbonLogo get rid of that one. If you like? Use $:/plugins/tiddlywiki/github-fork-ribbon. Find in the Official TiddlyWiki Plugin Library. It gets updated and is half the size.
About the theme. It contains two palettes. In my opinion ugly brown on black background.
And they do not work in your cardo wiki either.

I did separate the plugin already, but there are some problems with the ViewTemplates. If used with the “old” templates no toolbar buttons work. So I did remove them. With the card-templates missing everything seems to work but it does not look as expected.

So some new templates have to be made, which needs some more time. But I do not know when I do have that time.

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