Btheado/tw-browser-storage site updated to tiddlywiki 5.3.0

The plugin itself is unchanged, however the edition at is upgraded to the newly released TW 5.3.0

This plugin contains opinionated configuration settings for the browser-storage plugin :

  • Configures the browser storage plugin to save more tiddlers than the default
  • Since the tiddlers are automatically saved to local storage, the SaverFilter is configured to leave the save icon inert
  • Automatically save list of open tiddlers between sessions (see $:/DefaultTiddlers)
  • Instructions on using the save button as a way to backup the wiki
  • Browseable list of tiddlers which were loaded from storage and those which were saved to storage after load
  • Displays a notification message at startup telling how many tiddlers were loaded from browser storage

The initial release (see this earlier thread: Tw browser storage) used a forked version of the tiddlywiki/browser-storage plugin to take advantage of some unreleased improvements. It did not contain any of the new 5.3.0 features.

You can add the plugins (btheado/tw-browser-storage and tiddlywiki/browser-storage) to your own wiki or you can use the demo site directly: (backups are easy…just click the save button).

If you already use the demo site directly, be aware you will get TW 5.3.0 next time you load the page.


@btheado thanks for sharing, and updating. This may be opinionated, but I share it. I have done something similar for myself, before 5.3.0 and was looking at publishing my own at a tiddlyhost address;

  • something which people can use as a tiddlyhost template and have a simpler url.
  • Or simply use online to “spin up a wiki” in any browser that will retain your changes.

I do have additional ideas, but rather than create an overlapping solution perhaps we could collaborate to mature this approach a little more?

  • It could perhaps be broken into more than one project.

For example;

  • A way to “save changes only” from the published copy (much smaller)
    • Local storage items + haschanged + underlying wiki version indicator.
    • For limited edits these changes could also be saved in a
      • bookmarklet
      • Or data url
    • This may facilitate a visitor to make edits and additions they can export and send to the owner (or directly as an email attachment) who then uses a special import mechanism to import, which helps the owner manage or avoid conflicts thus updating the underlying wiki.
    • In addition to the existing full save, which has its advantages.
  • An indicator that is set for any “important change” (like dirty indicator), reset on backup (assumes saved)
  • A Page control button/indicator that indicates Local storage is in use.
  • Provide support to capture the backup location used, in a bookmarklet, and a mechanism, if loading a fresh wiki, to prompt the user to use it (the bookmarklet) if available, to recover from the latest backup file.
    • One may even be able to manage multiple instances of the wiki with different packages of changes.

I have other ideas up my sleeves but will mention if and when appropriate. But can I engage you @btheado or anyone else in a collaboration?

Notes: TW 5.3.0 introduced;

  • fixed problem with BrowserStorage Plugin unnecessarily saving shadow tiddlers
  • improved BrowserStorage Plugin to request that browser storage be persisted without eviction
  • I also suspect if we saved the “backup location” in local storage, IndexDB or cookie it may survive lost tiddlers and allow someone to restore from backups.
  • What if this delta could be saved to a known internet location or a minimal local HTTP server.?
    • Perhaps facilitated by the new “HTTP Requests in WikiText” PUT & GET
    • I am confident we can, but I don’t know how to.

The export icon in this tiddler does this:


That page can be reached by clicking on the cylinder icon of any tiddler which is stored in local storage:

Github works well for collaboration. You could open issues in the github repository. I prefer specific and concrete. A working implementation is very concrete :slight_smile:. A pull request would be best of all.