Any example of floating story view?

I want to drag tiddler into whiteboard, so I need to implement a storyview without sidebar, menubar, and works in a floating div or iframe.

Is there any existing example? Feels like this, I think maybe someone already implement one that works in the default layout, like a stick second window, so you can view tiddlers side-by-side.

Something like this ?

I used open in new window and can craft custom templates with or without the story. Or you can make a custom layout.

This is interesting, I find his repo is archived GitHub - theSherwood/Mentat: A UI plugin for Tiddlywiki. Mentat: TiddlyWiki: while it contains valuable Repopup plugin that is a fix for [IDEA] Auto place model of "More" to avoid border · Issue #7929 · Jermolene/TiddlyWiki5 · GitHub

I see this is a version fixed by @Mohammad Volantis Edition: A Repack of Volant for TiddlyWiki 5.2.7

I can take simillar approach, but I will make the whole storyview floating (on the whiteboard layout), instead of each single tiddler (floating on default layout).