Volantis Edition: A Repack of Volant for TiddlyWiki 5.2.7

Mentat by Adam Sherwood is a great piece of work. It is a special edition with multi columns story river where tiddlers have wings to fly :wink: and are draggable and resizable.

Here is a repack of Volant plugin to work with TiddlyWiki 5.2.7. The edition is called Volantis (by original developer)


  • Draggable/Resizable tiddlers
  • Dock to window edge [Volant-Rapid]
  • Work with other kookma plugins, Link-to-Tab and Relinks [other third part plugins are not tested]
  • Work with official TiddlyWiki plugins

Important Warning:

  • Volantis edition overwrites two core tiddlers
    • $:/core/ui/EditTemplate
    • $:/core/ui/ViewTemplate



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Request for improvement

Users with JS knowledge can help to improve this edition and make it more usable. NOTE that the current release is pretty stable.

  1. The snap to edges can be improved. For example, when a tiddler snapped to edge can be restored to middle of viewport/window.
  2. When easy drag is turned on (specially for touch screen), the edit mode does not work correctly [It is turned off now]
  3. Stack all flying tiddlers
  4. When opening a new tiddler it is floating, all floating tiddlers are opened in the same location in screen, if they positioned in a stack working with them is easier (now they cover each other, the next is opened on the last)

Other improvement:

  • Prevent the core tiddlers overwriting.
  • When open a flying tiddler by clicking on a link, it shall be displayed on top of other tiddlers (z-index)
  • Make title bar sticky

Feel free to clone it and develop your own edition (MIT license).


That’s amazing! For me Mentat always felt like a bit of a curiosity, amazing, but not sure I’d use it. This looks useable!

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A few thoughts;

  • Perhaps a minimise tiddler to a tray at the bottom, like the draft tiddler can would help in such an environment?
  • The open in new window button, is also useful so perhaps Volantis could get a new icon, even just a different color?
  • It would be nice if we clicked on a tiddler still in the story if it, or the whole story was “brought to the front”.
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I add these to plugin todo!
Minimize all to bottom is very useful! I will also change the button icon!

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I guess it would be the most elegant solution for these features to turn volantis into a layout.

I should have added, something I came up with previously, I modified the “Open in New Window” button, or a second button could be created, that on “opening a tiddler in new window” it closed it, ie removed it from the story. In effect this is “Move to new Window”. This has the advantage of clearing the wiki volant view whilst maintaining visibility of the content in a new window.

For the future

Just a note, that sometime in the future we could develop a feature set that would help in Volantis and other wikis is a “Window Manager”. The features are now available in TiddlyWiki to do the following;

  • Opening or moving to new window register the open window in a list
  • On closing the window (via a custom close button) remove the windows from the list
  • You would then be able to see a list of open windows and reopen them, close them from the wiki possibly, even snapshot their contents etc… from a Window manager in the wiki.
    • One of these new windows could also be the window manager.
  • A similar principal could be used for any set of tiddlers or windows such as those distributed around the screen like in MCL, Volantis. Mentat? and others and those in external windows. Thus a generic solution in its own plugin would be a good idea.
  • I have related ideas, but I will stop now to avoid starting off topic too much.

@Mohammad just to let you know it’s not so good on mobile!
Can’t drag the tiddlers around, at least on my android.

For mobile, try adding the “Mobile drag and drop shim” from the TW Official Plugin Library




Nope… It was a MFF error. (My Fat Fingers). Carry on all… As you were.

That’s up there with tech-support’s diagnostic acronym PEBKAC (Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair). :wink:

Wow! Great progress with this concept and codebase, I’m really excited to see this evolve. I think making a Volantis based Layout is the way to go forward, I may have time to poke around this on my vacation next week. :slight_smile:


Hundered percent correct! A ctrl+shift+L click to switch from default layout to Volantis!

This is really exciting! Go ahead, specially you know both wikitext and JS very well! I am available for test and docs if you need help!