A More Neutral Color for Tag Pill to Work with All Palettes

  • open https://tiddlywiki.com
  • create a tiddler and tag it with $:/tags/Stylesheet
  • put the below code into it and save
button.tc-tag-label, span.tc-tag-label  {
      color: #000000bb !important;

You will get something like this


It works with all palettes, but

  1. It uses !important. This is forbidden :wink: (@pmario) I suspect the style=<<tag-pill-styles>> in $:/core/macros/tag causes to have !important
  2. It is not consistent with all themes, a better approach is to use something like below
button.tc-tag-label, span.tc-tag-label  {
      background-color:<<colour some-mild-color-from-palette>>; 
      color: <$macrocall $name=contrastcolour target=<<colour some-mild-color-from-palette>> colourA=<<colour some-light-color-from-palette>> colourB=<<colour some-dark-color-from-palette>>     !important;

But this does not work!

Any better solution?