50M large / huge size of TiddlyWiki, performance remains good. Also a HugeWiki plugin for developers


(If the hash failed, use this onetwo.ren/CDDA-Kenan-Modpack-Chinese/ )

It has a size of 50M, and is gzipped to 5M~10M, which takes 1-2s to load in a 5MB/s network connection. After that, it works smooth.

Just a showcase for questions like https://talk.tiddlywiki.org/t/performance-of-wiki-and-the-number-of-tiddlers-assume-same-amount-of-information
And hope this showcase can be googled to solve concerns like the above quesion.


@linonetwo - this is lovely!

By gziped what do you mean?

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Most web servers can have gzip compression turned on when delivering content. So a TW file that is 50MB on disk, is compressed on the fly to a smaller size, transmitted to your browser, and decompressed client side by your browser.

More on MDN:

For developers:

Grab 60M+ json plugin from Releases · tiddly-gittly/HugeWikiExample · GitHub

And you can test your plugin with a large amount of wiki link and tiddlers.

  • 17000+ tiddlers (15921 CDDA + 2480 HundredDays)

Current limitation:

tiddlers in the plugin are consider “system tiddler”, so it won’t show in normal filter result. To test performance with this plugin, you may need to temporarily allow system tiddlers.

I’m still seeking for solution to package a plugin whose content are considered as “normal tiddlers”

Thank you @linonetwo that’s very helpful. I wonder if it might be useful to integrate this example data with the TW5 performance test rig: GitHub - Jermolene/tiddlywiki-performance-test-rig: TiddlyWiki 5 Performance Test Rig