500+ Plugins, Local Search, Automatic Updates, Recursive Installation: CPL Super Edition

About a year ago, I started the CPL project, which aims to collect all TiddlyWiki plugins and provide centralized retrieval and download services. This is the article at the time:

TiddlyWiki-CPL: TiddlyWiki world of Google App Store! - Showcase - Talk TW

As the number of plugins continues to increase, using the plugin library template built into TW becomes bloated, so I redesigned a more powerful plugin management system designed for CPL.

This plugin management system will be installed in your Wiki in the form of a plugin, providing several functions that I think you must need, including:

  • Filter plugins by keywords, tags or categories;

  • Automatically check the latest version of the plugin and prompt you to install it;


  • Automatically check the dependencies of the plugin, including recursive dependencies;

  • Keep the historical versions of the plugin, you can roll back to the old version at any time, and you can also choose to install the old version when installing;

  • When uninstalling the plugin, you will be reminded of the plugins that are still dependent, and whether to delete those shadow items that are overwritten;

The plugin system is based on a series of json-driven and will occupy as little network bandwidth as possible. Automatic update and other functions can be turned off.

At the same time, the plugin database can be distributed as a mirror. I have been doing a Docker image, which can be run directly on your server. You can make a mirror of the CPL plugin database, just like the maven repository.

The plugin system has been tested in the Chinese community for a while, and it is basically stable now, and everyone likes it very much. You are welcome to install the plugin below directly, or visit our website for installation!


$__plugins_Gk0Wk_CPL-Repo.json (103.1 KB)


It’s so awesome, I’m weeping with joy. :ox::beer:

Will it be possible to auto load database when CPL tab is opened?