[5.3.2pre] Codemirror editor style clash?


There seems to be a clash between TW and Codemirror – not sure how to dig out the source of the CSS.

Note, two vertical scrollbars…

Form the image you can imagine how uncomfortable that is to use – the scrolling behaviour does not sync with cursor movement at all. Mousewheel seems fine.

In the devtools inspector…

the highlighted line is the issue. Digging deeper…

Obviously, I can override that overflow:auto – when I do, the outer/erroneous scrollbar disappears.

Just to confirm, that block of CSS beginning line 1591 in my last screenshot, is not present in 5.3.1.

I take that back. There’s more to this than I thought. Overriding that setting breaks even more things (not least, mousewheel scrolling).

These look related:

Have you looked at the code mirror 6 CodeMirror 6 plugin Beta

No. Not yet. Looking forward to it thought.

But if you’re suggesting applying a beta release plugin to a beta release TiddlyWiki, that, I would consider, is ill advised.

@BurningTreeC has done some work in this area and may be able to comment.