You can even run TiddlyWiki on ChatGPT!

In the future, all the development environments and system platforms can be virtualized by a kind of “Universal Terminal”.

People have made unremitting efforts so far, and finally achieved staged success today!

The following is how to run TiddlyWiki in the virtual machine applied on ChatGPT Step by step demo:

  1. Clone TiddlyWiki’s repository on github

  2. Change the working directory and view the file list

  3. View the in the directory

  4. Run it

  5. View port usage

  6. Filter the process list and find that it is indeed running

  7. Try to access

Well, for those of you who don’t know ChatGPT yet, it’s time to reveal that

it’s all AI generated, even if you can interact like this!

Let’s all come and have fun, maybe that day will really come! lol

Inspiration comes from Building A Virtual Machine inside ChatGPT