x-Series Plugins updated: Lox, Tix, Btx and Stx

Over the holidays I found time to enhance, fix and improve the plugins I often use myself. They got so much better, that I would absolutely recommend to use the latest versions together with TW v5.3.3. So let me re-introduce the x-Series:

Lox – Lay-out experience

Design choices as they should be, at your disposal in a handy Design tab in the sidebar.

  • colour palette
  • golobal font size and line height adjustment
  • story and sidebar dimensions and spacing
  • toolbar buttons
  • sidebar: position (left/right) tabs and scrollbars

Tix – Tiddlers reinvented

Make tiddlers incredibly flexible thanks to several parts: top, header, the standard tiddler body and a footer. Highly configurable via the Lox Design sidebar tab. Hackable via tags like standard elements.

Btx – Bottom toolbar

Add a bottom part and a toolbar below every tiddler (in view mode). It comes with useful toolbar buttons: Scroll to the top of a tiddler, go to the next or to the previous tiddler or insert a new tiddler just below. Scrolling sets the focus right, if Tix is present.

Stx – Story top express

THE go-to-the-top button sets the focus to one of the top elements. Use the button or a keyboard shortcut.

All WikiText, no dependencies

The plugins of the x-Series are pure WikiText, so you can throw them at every wiki without the need to reload.

There should be no dependencies, but of course, the x-Series is more powerful when several or all plugins are combined.

Get them from Plugins — Utilities for TiddlyWiki (also relying on them) and drag them to your Wiki (as always: make a backup first) or try them out on tiddlywiki.com – with a few clicks it might look like this:


Another demo site you can try: TW News — What’s new since TiddlyWiki 5.1.0

Happy tuning and all the best,


Some wonderful stuff in here. I’m surprised I hadn’t seen any of it before (well, except DetailsWidget and HarveyBalls.)

Most of my wikis have been visually bland. I’m thinking it’s getting to be time to to look at changing that. These tools look like they’ll make that much easier. Thanks!

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Thank you for the kind words, Scott.

@all I just published bugfix releases for Btx and Lox.

Have a nice weekend,

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