Writing files and updating wiki?

I have setup a node server for my wiki. So my tiddlers have all a content file and a meta file associated with them.

I thought than if I updated the content file, the wiki content would then be updated. But no! Is that what a syncer about? What can I do as of now to get the wiki in sync with the files (not creating tiddlers, just updating tiddlers but a the file system, not at the server level)?

At the moment you need to restart the server.

Alas. I was hoping to edit my code with my preferred editor with syntax colouring, to help me do the job. I could import the tiddler, maybe ? This could need an utility on the filesystem side. If so, it could surely be made more apparently straightforward. Hasn’t anyone tried a similar path?

I think Bob can do it. GitHub - OokTech/TW5-Bob: A plugin that makes tiddlywiki a multi-user wiki on node

Another way to achieve this;

On node and single file wikis is an external editor browser add on. They can take any standard text field and open it in your preferred local editor. I use notepad++ They may not work with codemirror.

To be sure, have you looked at the syntax coloring within tiddlywiki?, a few are available starting with the core plugin highlight.

My main objective is not as much the color syntax than avoid the necessity to save my tiddler (and thus loose the context of my edition, which is just wasting time and hurting mind) as is the case on tiddlywiki.

The external editor is not helping so much, and I found it rather not up to the task. a problem being the name of the file to be edited, lacking proper extension for syntax coloring. And the edition must finish to save the tiddler, which is, as I said, very unhelpful.

As for Bob, I am not seeing what it does and how. I found the explication a bit too fuzzy. Is there a document or a video that would introduce to what Bob does? I am not asking for having several wikis per server, but this is what Bob seems doing from my understanding. And as for how to use it… Being not so obvious and perhaps out of my need, I did not have a try (let’s be honest).

Also, I have not been able to use codemirror plugins. I can’t remember why, though. But, really, this syntax coloring is only second on my wish list.


What extension is this? There used to be “It’s all text” add-on, but it disappeared in the great FF extension crisis of '17 .

There is an extension for Visual studio that allows you to edit tiddlers with appropriate syntax highlighting. I would not expect there to be many editors that understand WikiText out of the box.

Yes “Its all text” seems to have gone. The new technology is in native messaging host application(s). I found and tested this one below, buyer beware, not many uses and the native messaging host application is not verified but I took the risk and its working, I also checked the permissions and they are not too onerous.

However I used notepad++ and its not able to syntax highlight.

The fact is our community does need to code the tiddlywiki wikitext rules and add it to these highlighters, especially the highlight plugin so we can see wikitext highlights.

We also need to code a pandoc conversion so we can join the existing ones;

Wiki markup formats

↔︎ MediaWiki markup
↔︎ DokuWiki markup
TikiWiki markup
TWiki markup
Vimwiki markup
XWiki markup
ZimWiki markup
↔︎ Jira wiki markup

Browser’s external editor

Allows to edit form text fields with an external editor

Is the new tw5.2.0 syntax improvement supported by visual code?

My editor is vim (actually, gvim) and some syntax highlights are available and could also be improved (not tried that yet!)

I’ve just found out that, with my cofig for writing system tiddlers files within subdirectories, tiddlywiki is unable to save a tiddler if a subdirectory is replaced by a soft link (under linux).

Why using soft links? Because of git. my tiddlers root directory is managed by git. It would be cleaner ir a subdirectory was not managed by its own git (being excluded by .gitignore). then, with a soft link, the gitted directory wold not be a subdirectory. More evident setup, easier to maintain, less likely cause for accidents.

I don’t have the detailed knowledge of your circumstance but…

In this case you are involving both node js and the browser so I think we cant attribute “blame” until you solve or identify the root cause. Have you, because if you have the details perhaps it can be fixed?

Such a fault if it is occurring is more likely to be a systemic issue and less likely to exist in tiddlywiki (though I don’t rule that out) .

What error are you getting, do you have a “stack trace”? If it fails silently that’s a problem…