Workflow for using TiddlyWiki with Git?

Hi all.

I’m planning to switch over to using the node.js version of TiddlyWiki, and when I do this I want to implement some kind of version management system so that I can see how individual tiddlers have evolved over time.

AFAIK Git is the go-to for this, and I’ve seen a few other people mention that they use it with TiddlyWiki.

I’m currently only familiar with the most basic features, and although there are tons of resources out there they are all understandably geared towards using Git to manage software projects.

I’m wondering if anyone here can offer some tips on using Git specifically to manage a TiddlyWiki instance? Can you recommend a particular workflow?


Why not TiddlyGit ? It just means TiddlyWiki with Git.

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I have a private node.js TW and use github with a private repo as a backup/version control explorer. The high level workflow is:

  1. Create the new TW
  2. git init the folder
  3. Create a new repo on github and follow the instructions it gives
  4. Setup SSH keys for github without a password
  5. Have a cron job that runs a script to git add and push to the repo every 10 minutes

It’s basic but does what I need.

The script is:

cd /home/alex/wiki
git add .
git commit -am "Autobackup `date`"
git push

I then edit the wiki online and the script and git upload any changes I make.


Thank you Alex that is perfect for my needs!

That is what I did before, but later I think to let more people use tiddlywiki , we can’t force them to learn about git cli and terminal.

So I spend a year wrapping these scripts into an App, that is TiddlyGit, it supports private repo too, but with friendly form to create one.

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